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For Jos and Haz...


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Nov 27, 2003
Quebec, Canada
2007 BMW Z4 3.0 SI



a local forum member just posted this, having fun in the first snowstorm!
I wish we actually got snow, rather than flurries that melt 3' above ground, here in Florida. Wait, I take that back. If it snowed in Florida, half of the people on the road would kill themselves. Though that may be a good step forward to getting rid of the retirement community...
^yeah, how about that snow storm .....
not too funny when the buses have 30 min delays ... freezing my a** off in the bus stop today :cry: I hate GTA public transportation. :twisted: I was late for school because of them.
We are gettig some snow as well... The Radio just woke me up with 10 minutes worth of traffic jam warning ;-) Some cars and Trucks in Germany never learn to put on Winter Tires...
I look forward to a bit of sliding tonight ;-)

SiR_dude said:
The snow is gone here, I wanna play too. :x :cry:

:p I'm getting the same thing Ren has - got dumped on today, with high winds along. Gotta love snow tires :twisted:

Already saw one fender bender on a 10 minute drive. Ambulance and police for a minor fender bender. Some people will never learn. Snow tires are there for a reason.

Forgot to add: A manual transmission does wonders too. I use 2nd gear when I need to get moving in snow since first gear is too short.
When I saw this thread title, I knew it was about 300ZXs. ;)

That looks really fun. We got a bit of snow here ourselves, though nothing spectacular.
Snow tires doesn't work unless the driver takes it easy.
A few days ago it was around 0 and raining and huge pile up happened cause of idiots that had winter tires on but didn't slow down.
They just drove like it was dry weather in the summer.

Tomorrow we will be getting alot of snow and we got some today aswell.
I love it in my BMW.
you just can't use all-season tyres here...

you NEED winter tires.

And you NEED to adapt your driving style.. which always takes some time and causes accidents.

Heck I almost crashed into a coworker's car in the parking the other day.. I got pwned by understeer.
We don't get any snow here... the weather has been alright lately actually.
I got stuck in Calgary in the great May snowstorm of 2002, the day I picked up my car in Vancouver.

20 year-old all season tires, RWD, and about 4" of ground clearance in 10" of snow. Hella fun though, taking every turn on the gas.

I need a winter car. :|
So you drove from Vancouver to Calgary in the same day?