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For those want a car, but want that motorcycle feeling.....

We all saw it on a TG Episode :D

Quiet scary into a corner we've been told.. :lol:
In JC shootout
i like how lights light up on the steering wheel based on level of tilting :thumbsup:
I saw 3 of those driving through Amsterdam a few weeks ago, it must've been some kind of promotion ride or driving them to a dealership of some sorts.. I've never seen them on the road before that.
It was cool to see them all 3 going through a sharp corner one after the other.
good find but it was featured on TG

its brilliant though! love the way it can lean to 45 degrees, that is the ultimate test of nerve
When i was looking for a company a while back in an industrial area i found out that these things were actually built in my home city! (Dordrecht, The Netherlands) I already knew they were from my area, but i never new they were actually building them about 10km from my house.. :)

So now every now and again i drive past the workshop to drool. (the garage door is almost always open) :) And every time i do i feel tempted to ask for a test drive, but every time i chicken out... :)
the t-rex is a basically the same concept as the carver but opposite (one wheel on the front vs one wheel on the back)

but the t-rex doesnt have the awesome lean!