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ford gt40 performace figures


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May 26, 2004
hong kong
hey, i looked on the net briefly to find how fast the 0-60 time is but failed, wonderin if ne one knows.

also which episode does clarkson do the track and does n e one have it by ne chance?

thanks in advance
I too, was wondering when Clarkson did his lap. 1:50 isn't impressive and really shows how bad of a driver he is. For a presenter he's ok but he's got nothing to brag about and his lack of racing background really shows. Go Tiff!
Yeah, he's been beaten several times in the "Star in a reasonable priced car" lap

Not very convincing to me :|
Ya. For a guy who works at that track and drives around it practically every day... its not that impressive. Plus, I dont think that they ever aired the section when he ran the lap.
Atleast he is getting beat while driving a crappy front-wheel drive econo-box. One could only hope he'd do better in a well-powered rear-wheel drive car. :p
1:50 is a bit sad, he's gotten beaten by so many people that haven't even seen the track before. Clarkson should have a perfect line, left foot braking in to the corners...but instead, he has a crappy crappy time of 1:50.
Yeah it's a shame, how many times has he driven the track? hundreds of times with all the cars he's testing. But Richard and James are even worse I think. And I can't really blame him because he's funny as hell and I wouldn't do it any better I guess :wink:
Jeremy isn't a race driver like Tiff. He is a TV presenter, and a better one than Tiff.
His job is to talk, interview and road test.
Not do laps.
Tiff. can drive, he has a lot of racing experience, but he is not the presenter Jeremy is. Jeremy knows he isn't a great driver, that is why they have a stig handy to do the hard bits.

P.S. Any one want to know where the GT engine came from?? and what other cars it can be found in?? :)

woops ... I assume you guys mean ford GT (New one) .... not GT40 .. yes?
Renesis said:
GT it's from the Lightning Pickup... :roll:

Yes but where did the DOHC head from?? that truck is only a SOHC??

well, us AUSSIES (ford) wanted to make a new V8 with DOHC and VVT,

Ford US said you can't put the DOHC head from the Mustang on that block.
so we did it any way :) with some cleaver engineering ... and then ford US, said BUGGER ME!! you can fit those together, cool, we have lots of heads, and lot of blocks.

We have that engine in N/A form in our V8 Falcons :) family car with that engine :)

N/A it can be easily tuned to 320kw and more torque than you can vaguely wave a stick at. (DJR Falcon) it comes as a 290kw tune in the FPV Falcon (factory tuned).

I feel real sorry for other countries, where fords family car is a Mondeo. :)
obviiously they had to tweak it... a truck engine isn't a sports car engine so they changed bits of it
kw x 1.36 = hp