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Ford relaunches Capri as a coupe-styled 4-door crossover/sedan-ish EV

C'mon, I get it, SUVs have been the shit for the last 10 years now and probably will continue that, but why did they reuse a name for an old Coupé? It's like that company which launched an electric SUV with an old Coupé name that didn't resemble said old Coupé except for a few styling cues - what was that company called again? I can't remember...
Oh, now I remember, it is the Ford Mustang Mach-E, what a coincidence... :hammer:
British classic car owners will be LIVID.

That said, it doesn't look terrible, and yes, SUVs are what people want nowadays... but reusing an old model name for something completely different...is kinda wrong.

It kinda started with the Puma, that was a mini SUV instead of spordy small hatch, and it kinda snowballed from there.
Are they that desperately clinging on to the past, or are they that low on ideas at Ford?

Unrelated : I drove a brand new Fiesta a couple of weeks ago as my wife's car needed paint/body repairs, and it felt like stepping into a 2001 Fiesta. Aside from the relatively modern infotainment screen (which didn't include nav because ... reasons), it felt just like my inlaws old Fiesta, down to the inconsistent throttle pedal and completely insensitive brake pedal...it was just crap.
British classic car owners will be LIVID.
They certainly will be here, I was at a car show in town last weekend that must've had 7 or 8 classic Capris.

I personally find it hard to care that they've dug up the name and shat on it, the new car can't be compared to the old one. The new Defender is a much worse culprit in that respect, the Renault 5 EV may too be if it's terrible. Let's not mention what Vauxhall did with the Viva name. It does show massive lack of imagination from Ford though.

It's not terrible or great looking, despite claims that it's an SUV it just looks like a Polestar 2 with cheaper lights. Maybe it is slightly taller.
View attachment 3572937reusing an old model name for something completely different...is kinda wrong.
The first one I remember was the Dodge Charger, going from a coupe to a sedan.

But now this is the Mitsubishi Eclipse and Ford Mustang...
1720725917278.png 1720725948136.png
Let's not forget the Dodge Dart (FIAT based, to add insult to injury):