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Forgive me father for I have sinned. -_-


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Mar 21, 2004
It has been weeks since my last confession. In recent weeks I have not been visiting the finalgear forums. I'm deeply ashamed for what I've done. I've been to lazy/forgotten to. WHAT CAN I DO TO REDEEM MYSELF??

I'm not christian.

What a lame ass joke. :thumbsdown:
Is he being serious?

I was about to kick him out of the final gear cult though..

Now quick, go buy 5 spoons, 2 sugar cubes, a kite, and 8 dougnuts. Place them in a blender, blend em.. then throw it down the toilet. You'll probaly have to buy a new blender after that..

Only then will the cult forgive u!
chaos386 said:
justin syder said:

What a lame ass joke. :thumbsdown:
Not as lame as this one:
A guy drops two snare drums and a cymbal.

Ba-dum pssh! :lol:

Lol, it's alot better than the first one....I laughed :lol:
I LOVE that song :D