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Feb 4, 2013
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This is becoming the bad luck race for Kimi, he's seemingly the fastest for most of the weekend but then in Q3 Ferrari don't give him enough fuel screwing him for qualifying and then a first corner incident or something means he's got a puncture and rear wing damage and he's retired from the race. Vettel had a bit of a master class of a drive finishing 10 seconds ahead of Lewis Hamilton in the end. Maybe if Bottas didn't start last he could've had a good race with Lewis or at least... no then Verstappen would be alone in 4th instead of 3rd.
I know FG is quiet these days but the lack of comments on this one just about sum up what a dull race it was.
the race was rather boring, but it's the most tense championship since the V6 were introduced!
it sucks that none of the midfielders can get a podium, but besides that, it's anything but dull!
Nobody's gonna mention what a bonehead move Hulkenberg pulled? I could have honestly done better, cos I would have stalled in the grid and at least I wouldn't have taken out 3 other cars!

There was a feature in F1's Instagram supposedly showing how Hamilton deliberately slowed down after Eau Rouge to allow Vettel to close in on him and catch him too early on the following straight, not allowing to draft too well and ruining his maneuver. I wonder if he tried to pull the same thing again and went horribly wrong...

This radio conversation has popped up at Youtube. What on earth is going on at Ferrari? Those engineers appear to be completely clueless and are not listening Kimi at all.
It's quite baffling what happened with Kimi Raikkonen this weekend. First the blunder with Q3 and then this thing with the radio chatter comes out. What could possibly be the explanation behind them being so clueless regarding Kimi. I hope we get some answers before or during the Italian GP. Answers that evaluate themselves rather than try to point the blame on Kimi Raikkonen. They need to support both of their drivers not just one of them, Vettel doesn't need them to ignore Kimi to win the championship but he does need them to support Kimi if they want a constructors title.