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Trying to add photos to the Ringmeet thread, but no matter if I use google album, or imgear, I get a popup saying something went wrong and to contact admin.
The highlighted bit. It won't even let me post one pic. This one had to be uploaded direct to the forum, not just linked with img tags
A few days ago I had the same issue.
Today, it's working.
I've gone from Chrome on Debian to Chrome on Windows 10, but I am not sure that was what fixed it.
clicking the no-shaking smiley, adds : no : to the post
but this results in a norsk flag?
Has anyone noticed threads being reset for showing the newest unread posts? Clicking on threads in 'Latest Posts' I noticed sometimes a thread would take me to post #1 instead of newest unread. I just thought that I hadn't visited that thread since Xenforo was implemented and it didn't know where I had read up to. Just clicked on the C8 Corvette thread only for it to take me to the first post in the thread. Now I know I've visited that thread, and even posted in it since the Xenforo upgrade since that thread didn't even exist on vB5, so why am I being sent to the first post.
Hans't happened to me.
Happens to me constantly, I thought I was just clicking the wrong place
Is there a plan to have encryption set up on the forums? I'm not sure if leaving it like it is, is good...
What do you mean? We have HTTPS using a Let's Encrypt certificate here.

Oh? Firefox is telling me this connection is not secure.
According to my Firefox the certificate is valid until 2019-12-16.

Also, just browsing for forums.finalgear.com without explicitly typing in https brings me to the secure site, too.
Does the log in page also have Thomas' plain text signature in it?


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