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You can make a poll if you like, but I won't be changing it. I like the feature too much and everyone I've talked to (lots of people in the IRC channel and lots of people in the "Welcome to vBulletin" thread) loved it. You're the first, maybe second, person I've heard of who didn't like it.

could you add this smiley, i think it is a useful addition to the forum :)

: +1 :

Ok, did not find much resistance for the current system.
I guess I just have to get used to this annoyance :(
It's default because it makes the least load. The configuration we're using now is the recommended setting and I'm sorry, but we won't be changing it. I like it too much, and I think 95% of everyone else does too.


I don't use the New Posts feature, because I don't read the all the forums.:sad: I think just the opposite, I think 95% of everyone else agrees with me

I think 95% of everyone else agrees with me. How about a poll?

I don't, with my #&%?#$?@ computer crashing at odd moments I find it really nice, and I can check new posts from multiple computers without the loss of and unread posts :)
when quoting a msg with a quote in it, the embedded quote isn't shown in your post

that sucks
when quoting a msg with a quote in it, the embedded quote isn't shown in your post

that sucks

It's to stop huge fucking quote masses.

Would be nice though to allow just one level inside other quotes...
they're posted anyways, but now you have to do it manually

and what does the code mean in the quote-tag, after the username?
and what does the code mean in the quote-tag, after the username?

It's a link to the original post - if you click the red icon next to the quoted username, you'll be taken to the original post.
Yeah, it's the quoted post ID. It's used to make a link to the post.
There's something strange that's been bugging me since the forum changed to vBulletin, and I've never seen this on another vBulletin forum either.

In my browser bookmarks, I have a link to this forum that displays the new posts right away ( Now, if I make an answer in any of those threads, and then klick on "new posts", that very thread is gone from the list. There would be some logic to it if it appeared on the list of threads that haven't been updated since my last visit, but it doesn't show there either.

That's very annoying, cause if I want to edit a post I've just made a few minutes ago, I have to search the thread manually.

Any ideas?
Any ideas?

See this thread:

Rather than just showing you all threads updated since your last session, it shows you literally threads that you have not read. If you read the thread, then it's no longer new and is removed from the list. When you're done reading the forums, just simply select "Mark Forums Read" from the Quick Links dropdown in the upper-right. This allows you to read some threads and then come back later and keep reading threads you haven't read (rather than them getting all lost which was a common occurence before if you browser crashed or whatever). It also allows you to read the forum from multiple PCs without loosing the new posts.

And before you even ask, no, we will no be reverting to the old method. This new configuration is here to stay. Read the previous page of this thread if you want to see the argument that was had over it. ;)
Hmmm okay. One suggestion then. Can you put a "mark forums read" link into the tab on the upper right corner of the forum, where is says "Welcome, <user>"? It works well for other vB forums, like a shortcut you click before leaving the forum. I know, it's just one click less than the pulldown menu, but still, I think some guys might like it.

I do see the advantage in this. I've lost forum sessions before by a crashing browser, and all the new threads were gone. Still, is there no way to also display the threads I've posted in? I don't have much clue about vBulletin programming, but maybe there's a function to display the last five threads I read and/or posted in or so.

... puleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzze :blush:

the Interceptor
Still, is there no way to also display the threads I've posted in?

One of the first template changes I made was adding a "Your Posts" link to the quick links dropdown. ;)
Ah great, I never noticed that. How 'bout putting those two into the box on the upper right then? :mrgreen:

Oh, and as we're on it: how about selfmade user titles? It's kind of a standard on ther vB forums, at least for older members.
I'd rather not. There's barely any room up there as it is and how often really do you use the "Your Posts" link?

And as for the other, I personally like having it buried under a menu. Makes me less likely to click it by accident (yes, I've done that before :().
I knew you'd be talking about room, as it is very tide up there. And I will use the "my posts" link regularly from now on, as they are missing on the list of "new posts". :mrgreen:

Accidently clicking "mark forums read" shouldn't be a problem though. That has happened to me before, but the back-button your the browser takes you back to the previous state easily.

EDIT: oh hang on ... I've just found "todays posts", which pretty much gives me what I was looking for (also displaying the threads I looked at). Not perfect, but sufficient I'd say. How 'bout those user titles though?
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Search around. It's been covered. ;)

Short version: user titles in phpBB were actually custom ranks that I only assigned to one (or maybe a couple) of people. vB supports ranks by also actual custom titles. I didn't want to import all those titles as ranks, so I just ditched them all.
just a thought, but can't the arcade be hidden for guests?
just a thought, but can't the arcade be hidden for guests?

Of course, but it's incentive to get people to register and then once they are registered, they're much more likely to post, especially since I made the arcade require at least one post to play.

Guests can view the arcade, but not play the games.
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