Forum-wide survey: How oomphy is your ride?

I'm swamped with work so during a break to take my mind off it, I thought I'd create this thread. What I'm looking for is how much power your daily/weekend/whatever has in regards to its kerb weight and displacement. Aspiration doesn't matter towards the number, but would be nice to have as a footnote in the spreadsheet.

I'll start:

2004 Audi A4: 175hp (130.6kW) at 1.896 litres and 1350kg makes it:

68.7 kW/l and 96.7 kW/t

Now you go! :)

EDIT: Here's the spreadsheet. I feel so alone.
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1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee 275hp, 375lbft at 5.981 litres - ~1900kg with armour, tools, and recovery gear.

46.0 hp/l, 62 lbft/l and 144.7 hp/t, 197.4 lbft/t

Strong candidate for lowest hp/L! :lol:
In before Viper!

1970~2011 Lotus/Caterham 7, 150 hp, 1.7l, 550kg, although I have yet to dyno it after I messed with the engine...

1985 E28 528i is supposedly 135kw, 1320kg, but I have my doubts :p
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Replies in the thread, please. Would love to open the sheet to outside editing, but that could just have someone ctrl+a and delete.

I have enabled commenting, though.
Fair enough.

Here all the numbers, I'll leave the calculating to the spreadsheet.

2013 Mustang - 313kW, 5.0L, 1643kg
1992 Miata - 87kW, 1.6L, 1027kg
1996 Cherokee - 142kW, 4.0L, 1392kg
As usual, I'm cheating.

2010 Mazda RX-8 R3: 232 hp (173 kW), 1308cc, 1388 kg

For this one I seem to get different answers depending on who I ask.

1989 Toyota Blizzard SX5: 85 PS (62.5 kW), 2446cc, 1480 kg
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1994 Land Rover Discovery: 111hp (83kW) and 195 lbft at 2.495 litres and 2055kg makes it:

45 hp/l, 78 lbft/l and 54 hp/t, 95 lbft/t

33.3 kW/l and 40 kW/t

I lose!