Forum-wide survey: How oomphy is your ride?

2009 Subaru WRX STI 305 HP Torque 290 Ft/lbs 2.5 liter Turbo Flat 4 1530 KG
2004 Volksagen Jetta TDI 100 HP Torque 177 ft/lbs 1.9 Liter Turbo I4 1428 KG
2014 Mustang GT: 420bhp (308kW) at 5.0 litres and 1750kg makes it:
61.6kW/l and 176kW/t V8 N/A

1989 Jeep Cherokee: 177bhp (131kW) (lol yeah right) at 4.0 litres and 1460kg makes it:
32.75kW/l and 89kW/t I6 N/A

We've got some discrepancies on the power unti conversion and weight.
We've got some discrepancies on the power unti conversion and weight.
I just googled... So not surprised if I'm off a bit. I thought the 13-14 was closer to 3800-3900, could be wrong.
2005 350Z 300hp, 260ft/lb tq 3360lbs NA 3.5l V6
1998 Legacy Outback, 165hp, 162ft/lb tq 3155lbs NA 2.5l boxer 4
Will leave the maths to you.

P.S. Funny how my 4 door "estate" weighs 200lbs less than my 2 door sports car
I added another column for a bit more e-penis contestery. N?rburgring lap time (as done by you, not someone else in an identical car that you've found on youtube). :p

TBC 2015 :p
Let's see if I do this right.

2001 Grand Prix GTP, 3.8L V6 Supercharged, 240HP (178.97kW), 3560lbs (1614.79kg) is 47.1kW/L and 110.83kW/t.
1969 Mustang Coupe, 5.0L V8, 220HP (164.05kW), 2690lbs (1220.16kg) is 32.81kW/L and 134.45kW/t.

And for fun, if we factor in sticker prices, the Grand Prix was $25,630 yielding $106.79/hp. The Mustang sticker price was $2618 yielding $11.90/hp. Hooray inflation.
2000 Crown Vic: NA V8 4601cc, 225 HP, 290 FT-LB, 1776 KG (MURICA, FUCK YEAH*)
1988 Integra: NA I4 1590cc, 118 HP, 103 FT-LB, 1068 KG

*Made in Canada.
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I want some of this. :)

2008 Volvo C30 (stock) I4 Turbo 2.0D (1,997l) 139HP (103,65kW) 348Nm Curb weight 1347kg - Power/disp: 51,90 Power/weight 77,35 (103,73HP/Tonne) Ring laptime: 10:05

2008 Volvo C30 (current) I4 Turbo 2.0D (1,997l) 175HP (131,24kW) 406Nm Curb weight 1347kg - Power/disp: 65,72 Power/weight 97,94 (130,60 HP/Tonne)

2015 Triumph Tiger 800 I3 N/A (799cc) 94HP (70kW) 79Nm Curb weight 210kg - Power/disp: 87,61 Power/weight 333,33 (452,38 HP/Tonne)

1998 Honda CB600F Hornet I4 N/A (599cc) 94.69HP* (70.61kW) 62.76Nm Curb weight 200kg** - Power/disp: 116,86 Power/weight 350 (475 HP/Tonne)
*Back in 1998, God only knows how many horses are left now.
**Dry weight according to Wikipedia is 183kg, so I rounded up to 200kg for curb weight. For reference my 2010 Hornet had a curb weight of 205kg.

Spreadsheet for my vehicles.
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2003 - Audi A6 - 4.2 Liter - V8 N/A - 300hp (220kW) - 1850kg -------> 52.4 kW/Liter - 119 kW/1000kg

Former vehicles, (not for the spreadsheet, just for fun and comparison):
2002 - Renault Laguna II - 3.0 Liters - V6 N/A - 207hp (152kW) - 1510kg -------> 50.6 kW/Liter - 100.7 kW/1000kg
1994 - Honda Concerto - 1.6 Liters - V4 N/A - 122hp (90kW) - 1135kg -------> 56.3 kW/Liter - 79.3 kW/1000kg
1994 - Opel Corsa - 1.6 Liters - V4 N/A - 109hp (80kW) - 980kg -------> 50 kW/Liter - 81.6 kW/1000kg
This might be all wrong but...

2005 Honda Civic Type-R: 197hp/147 kw, 145 lb-ft from an I4 2.0 N/A at 1204kg

I won't attempt the maths.
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So far I'm topping out in power to weight and top 3 with power/displacement. That makes me happy. :)

Cue haters crying foul because they're motorcycles ^^
And I need to go through all the numbers again because I was using the wrong conversion between hp and kw. It's 1.34, not 1.36.

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Merica! F*ck Yea! The K5 is holding out at the bottom of the HP/L mark, go GM and your shitty anemic 5 liter v8 :lol:

It's even funnier to me since I doubt the K5 is making even half of that rated power anymore.

I did notice that you have the Saab down as a NA engine, when it is certainly a (tiny) turbo.

I'm also wondering if it might be better to use the (admittedly estimated) power numbers at the engine rather than my -20% numbers at the wheel for the Fairlane, since I think most manufacturer numbers (be they net or brake horsepower) are measured at the crank... If we did that, the 320 crank horsepower would be 238.6 kW
Doesn't really matter to me though, I know the numbers for the fairlane are probably wrong anyways at this point, and even if they weren't, they don't really represent the car fully due to it's crazy long gearing. Its quick (and fun), but not fast.
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2013 Fiat Palio Sporting
2003 - Audi A6 - 4.2 Liter - V8 N/A - 300hp (220kW) - 1850kg -------> 52.4 kW/Liter - 119 kW/1000kg

Wait a moment, 1850kg is the euro number that includes the driver and half a tank of petrol, according to this the dry weight is 1725kg.

2003 - Audi A6 - 4.2 Liter - V8 N/A - 300hp (220kW) - 1725kg -------> 52.4 kW/Liter - 127.5 kW/1000kg
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