Forza Horizon 4


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Well, the first details are out. I for one am chuffed to bits that it's based here, we only need a new GTA London and I'll be fully satisfied and can give up gaming forever. Or something.

E3 trailer:

E3 Demo:

Who says nothing good comes from E3?

The map is obviously the UK but appears to be more focused on Scotland if I'm not mistaken and maybe Wales to some extent.

So far I've identified the following new cars:

First generation Range Rover
Eagle Speedster returning
Black cab (LTI FX4)
McLaren Senna
Morris Minor of some description
Rally Fiesta

Additionally, the following have been found in Forza files:

Bond DB5
Peel P50
Escort XR3i
New Mustang
Frogeye Sprite
TVR Speed 12 (finally)
Morgan Cross-eye Supersports

I personally will be pre-ordering the VIP version as usual with a focus on getting some Youtube content early this time, instead of waiting until the game is two years old to start.


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I'm so torn on this. Horizon 3 has performance problems to this day. It lags whenever anything happens in the background on my PC. Incoming chat message? Lag spike. Play a Youtube video on second monitor? Game locked to 30 FPS. Sometimes the game just locks itself to 30 or 20 FPS for no reason until restart. Quite often it crashes on load screens. And it never works online until I do a weird procedure to reset my Teredo adapter.

That said it's probably my favorite game of all time, one of the very few I'm happy to pay full price for with season pass (you haven't played the game until you've won a hill climb on Blizzard mountain in a RWD sports car without snow tires). I'm certainly excited for 4 I just hope they've worked out the issues with the stupid UWP platform.

Also no VR :(