Forza Horizon 5

Finally got the Peel P50. With the engine swap and awd, it's hilarious to drive. It'll do all wheel burnout at 140mph.

I love that they put the RWB kit in the game.

Finally got the Peel P50. With the engine swap and awd, it's hilarious to drive. It'll do all wheel burnout at 140mph.

All….. wheel….. drive? 😆
I did something similar and built a totally unmanageable AMC Gremlin drag car with a rust-bucket paintjob. So far my favorite cars for just driving around are an S1 class DMC-12, a Datsun 510, and my most recent build, an AWD Volvo touring car racer.
This guy doesn't seem happy about me drifting in front of his house.

Love this manga style livery for the FC.
I fully modded the Reliant Super Van. The "bodykit" just adds the training wheels. It's so easy to flip and rollover after I swapped the engine and added AWD.



Dammit, for some reason the forum won't let me upload an image from mobile.

I've been enjoying throwing a lot ot classics to make them handle well, even if they aren't quick. My latest is an S1 class Celica that tops out at 138 mph, but handles like a dream.

My arbitrary rule for myself on most of these is to not do any conversions, but throw all the tuning parts at it.

I will have to post a photo from the PC in the morning.
I do conversions for these almost meme cars as a joke. For most of my cars I either keep the original engine or put a realistically swappable engine in it.
One of the next challenges is to win a rally in a Retro Rally car tuned to A-Class. I went ahead and built this last night to A800, any more and it's an S1.

Sport Quattro?
You know, when they say the phrase "I wish I could forget and go through again"? Forza Horizon 5 is just that case. As if you forgot Forza Horizon 4 and play again. Almost everything is the same, but in a new wrapper, progress from scratch, unfamiliar locations and tracks, a bunch of new cars and regular updates.
There are no complaints about the graphics, it may not differ much, but something so new is felt at the same time. Glare, glints of lanterns, reflections, volumetric smoke of tires, fog, rain, hurricane ... The visual has been improved, but without glasses you can not understand, of course. In any case, for completeness of the picture without a good filling of your PC can not do. The game has become more demanding.
Got the Evo 9 from one of the spins. It's a pretty good car (modded to Class A 800).
Did a diesel V8 and 10 speed swap on the Ford Falcon. It's pretty funny to drive, I have to constantly shift.
The 2nd Gen Eclipse is in the game, maybe I should throw a 10 speed in it.
Off-roading with super cars. :p
Made an A800 M3 and spent some time on the livery. I hate the rear wing, but it's the only thing that keeps it from being tail-happy. I tried to get the colored stripes lined up with the M badge on the grill, I think it turned out well considering it was done with an Xbox controller and not a PC. The Audi Quattro is a fantastic rally weapon, this will be the go-to A-class street vehicle, especially for tighter roads.