Forza Horizon

So I am #1 in Popularity now, but I just noticed the Bar around the "1" is still filling - is something happening when it fills up completely? :)

Nothing. It never actually fills up. I've been #1 since before the game came out and am still #1.

Do a chain of stuff, watch it go from 0 up to a bit. Do another chain, it starts over at 0 and goes up a bit again.

-Recieved 500.000 CR

This was likely from one of your sponsors. You can find it in your start menu.
We must have different versions there or something, it took much, much longer than before, but it definitely went around completely instead of going back to 0, and it does it again now.
Woo N?1 :D


I'm impressed when the Filter says "global" ;-)

edit: Wait, it also says that 1% of 217833 players which might be all ... Sorry!
Got the game today, it's lots of fun! Not particularly realistic but I don't really care because it drives nicely.

Just wish the world was TDU-sized and paced, though. Damn I hope TDU3 (if it ever happens) drives and looks like this.
I was looking at the multiplayer in FH today, and I notice there is a Free Roam mode. Anyone else be interested in a multiplayer free roam? just screwing around all together?
I'm down. I think Madcat and Loz will likely be too if they are on.
Filled the Bar around the "1" the second time (takes ages now...) got 500.000 CR agian, it's the bonus for completing the popularity challenge, seems you can get that over and over again.
Yep, when you're #1 "Near me" and "Global" makes the same :D

Doesn't "Near me" mean physically and not on the board? Otherwise what would be the point of it?

Switch it to global.
So the Rally "expansion" is right around the corner. IGN have some info about it. But to be honest, for that price they could put a bit more cars and stuffs in it (like Pikes Peak).
I finally finished the game today, beating the main "story". That had to be the most unsatisfying finish to a game I've ever experienced. The millions of credits and 599xx are great and all, but give me something more special.