Forza Motorsport 6 Online Racing Discussion


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Mar 1, 2007
Cornwall, UK
As a few of us seem to be getting FM6. Might be a good idea to set up the online races we all had in FM4. Post all stuff here about it.

For the past day of so i've been thinking about a good thing to do for a sorta serious series. This is what i've come up with.

The FinalGear Motorsport Festival.

Basically it can be a group of races besides a single long race. Multiple classes of cars in seperate races.

The classes i've come up with for the minute are...

Lamborghini Super Trofeo: 30 minute race or something.
<2ltr Classic Tourers: A 15 min or so race for cars like the Lotus Cortina, Mini and so on. E class cars.
>2ltr GT and Muscle: Similar to the <2ltr, just bigger cars.
Formula Ford: A lap race depending on the track, straight forward.
GT Racing: There are several GT classes in FM6. Could have a long-ish race for these.
Touring Cars: Many touring cars in the game, race possible.

Use this thread to discuss any other things online wise too.
I'm up for any of those, although I enjoy driving road cars more than racing cars. :)
Haven't raced online yet, but I just did a "endurance" race at Road Atlanta and the tires seem to have a quite a bit of drop off, and I had to stop for fuel about half an hour in. Curious to see if its the same online...