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Frankfurt Motor Show: Fiat Super2000 Punto


Forum Addict
Sep 7, 2004
Bradford, UK

Fiat did not unveil a hot-hatch Punto Abarth in Frankfurt, preferring to focus on promoting its all-new mainstream range, but it did reveal its Punto Super2000, which will compete in the new FIA Super 2000 Rally Championships. This will be a more affordable series to participate in than the all-out WRC, with regulations restricting electronic aids and engine size. The Punto, built by N Technology, is currently being tested by works driver Paolo Andreucci, who currently holds the Italian Rally Super 1600 Championships, and it conforms to all the new regulations. It looks the part, too, with full body kit, spoilers, air intakes and lightweight sculpted panels. This prototype is fitted with the same 2.0-litre engine used in the Alfa Romeo 156 WTCC cars, which produces around 250bhp; the real rally car is thought to have around 280bhp, though its rev limit will be limited in line with the regulations. And if it proves successful, a road-going version may well be developed.