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Frankfurt Motor Show: Jeep Patriot and Compass Rallye


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Sep 7, 2004
Bradford, UK

The Jeep concepts, Patriot and Compass Rallye, have been extensively previewed in the run-up to the show, but take on a different character in the context of Chrysler's carefully-built stage set.

Balanced around fake rocks, the Patriot and the Compass Rallye are both proposals for new compact SUVs in the Freelander/RAV4 sector. They show that Jeep design is splitting into two distinct camps, which the company has dubbed 'Rugged' and 'Modern'. The Patriot is, like the huge seven-seat Commander also on show, a Rugged product, with upright grille, boxy outline and a no-compromises character. It's not a hint at the next-generation Cherokee, however, though it is nearer in size to this than to the other concept, the Compass Rallye: the next Cherokee, a sister model to the Dodge Nitro, will be more luxury-oriented. The Patriot, should it go into production, will be targeted at a younger, trendier audience, and will be more accessibly priced.

The 'Modern' Compass Rallye, meanwhile, is a development of the earlier three-door Compass concept; now with five doors and a more car-like profile, it is more of a crossover wagon than an all-out 4x4, though Chrysler promises that it will have true Jeep off-roading ability nonetheless. Although there are styling cues common to all Jeeps, it is more in the vein of the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee than the Wrangler and Commander.

It "broadens the global appeal of the Jeep brand", says Chrysler. "It's a contemporary-styled Jeep concept that targets new buyers who might not have previously considered the brand. Compact and nimble, (it) is designed to offer a fun-to-drive experience, performance and fuel economy unexpected in the highly-competitive compact SUV segment."

Both concepts - and the Commander, which goes on sale shortly - demonstrate Chrysler's plans to expand the Jeep brand worldwide, and to increase the variety of models in the Jeep line-up. The Compass and Rallye could go into production for world markets "as soon as next year", says Chrysler, and since they feature the same 2.4-litre petrol and 2.0-litre diesel engines as the Caliber and similar underpinnings, they're entirely production-feasible in the near future. We can expect to see Dodge- and Chrysler-branded sister models as well.
What's the point of having the Liberty and the Patriot next to each other? They're both the relative same size and are probably going after the same people, so I hope the Patriot kills the Liberty. (What will they name the next car, the Jeep Enduring Freedom Iraqi Liberation Democracy Renegade Edition?)

The Compass looks like that Nissan Sport Concept that somebody's Frankensteined a Liberty face onto... :unsure:
Firstly, look at the photoshopping skills of those fools at Jeep - Look at the reflection on the Patriot...its so fake :lol:

Secondly, the Compass Rallye is one of the most stupidest models i'v seen added to a model lineup. I dont know what to say..
Worst. Photoshops. Ever.

And that's from someone who can't use MS Paint, let alone PS. That's the best Jeep could do?? The cars are just as average too.
Apart from the bloody awful photoshop jobs, the cars look bloody awful too :yucky: