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Frankfurt Motor Show: Lamborghini Gallardo Spider


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Sep 7, 2004
Bradford, UK

We saw the spy shots some weeks back, but here it is, minus disguising: the convertible version of the "entry-level" Lamborghini. The Gallardo Spider isn't as uncompromising as the completely roofless Concept S seen in Geneva; it has a fully electrically-operated fabric roof (no room in the engine bay for a folding metal or glass roof) and reinforced spaceframe chassis. Power comes from the modified version of the 5.0 V10 which will also feature in the special edition Coupe: how does 522bhp, 195mph and 0-60mph in 4.5 seconds sound? It can only do 191mph with the roof down, though... Other mods as per the SE include revised gear ratios for the e-gear semi-auto transmission, and a remapped drive-by-wire throttle.
One of the nicest cars in my list just got better....anyone wants to buy a kidney and/or a lung?
That car is teh sex :woot: :woot:
That's not a car, that's an orgasm on wheels!
whn i saw the chick...i got hard.....thn my eyes rested on the car.... now i have to change my shorts
Does it strike anyone as funny that the Gallardo Spider with the top up is 91mph faster approx. than the Murcielago Convertible with its top up? :?
you can go faster in the murci with your top on, problem is that the top wouldnn't stay on that long, it's not a folding canvas roof, it's a click on bedsheet you get on the murci