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Frankfurt Motor Show: Opel Antara GTC


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Sep 7, 2004
Bradford, UK

It's not the new Frontera, but it gives a good impression of some of that car's styling details, as well as features which will appear on other upcoming Opels and Vauxhalls. It's actually a preview of GM's American-market Saturn Vue, according to AutoWeek, and will go into production in the US in a few years time looking "identical." European Opel and Vauxhall versions, however, will be made by GM-owned Daewoo in Korea (alongside Daewoo's version, to be badged in Europe as a Chevrolet), and will have slightly different styling to this show car.

The Antara GTC is a crossover-style 4x4 with panoramic glass roof, frameless windows, short front and rear overhangs and the now-obligatory coupe-like rear end styling, though it sits higher than some soft-roaders. It's not the most innovative-looking of SUV concepts, but it does have a neat touch; the 'pantograph' rear tailgate, as seen on the 2003 Insignia show car, which lifts upwards and outwards over the roof to save space, with counterbalanced rather than hydraulic hinging.

The Antara GTC has a large four-seat cabin, with each seat mounted on a single rail enabling it to slide forwards - at the touch of a button. Cabin access is easy, with no central 'B' pillar between the doors, and with flat-folding rear seats, there's up to 2400 litres of luggage space.

More importantly, the Antara GTC showcases the latest version of the GM-Fiat 1.9-litre diesel engine, to be used in most Vauxhall/Opel ranges in coming years. This iteration has two turbochargers, pushing power up to 212bhp and torque to 400Nm; in the Antara GTC, a fully operational prototype, it produces around 130mph and 0-60mph in around eight seconds.

Opel's other main stories in Frankfurt are the formal launch of the Astra TwinTop cabriolet with metal folding roof, which goes on sale in spring 2006, and the 255bhp Vectra OPC models (VXR, in the UK) with the Holden-built 2.8 V6 turbo engine.
Much better than Ml or Cayene... :thumbsup:
It would be good offroader thanks to the short front/rear overhangs but its an Opel :|
Its also trying to hard with its design...it looks like that Mazda concept 4X4.