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Frankfurt Motor Show: Toyota Endo


Forum Addict
Sep 7, 2004
Bradford, UK

"Endo" is, so we've been told, US street-slang for certain plant substances ("Going down the street smoking endo/sipping on gin'n'juice", raps Snoop) but we couldn't possibly accuse the Toyota designers of seeking such inspiration. The Endo's a very sensible proposal indeed for a neat little city car, taking the clever packaging and tiny dimensions demonstrated in the Aygo a stage further.

At just 3m long, the Endo seats four with ease, and incorporates thoughtful details such as two-way door hinges for easy access and opening the two doors and tailgate in confined spaces, a four-way adjustable front passenger seat which slides in all directions to reveal storage compartments, and rotating rear seats enabling a two-, three- or four-seat layout with fold-town table. Its glass roof helps create an airy atmosphere, and a large information screen, which runs the full width of the cabin, gives easy control of all functions, including internet access, e-mail and telephone. At 1.69m wide and 1.52m tall, it's no sports car, but an effective upright pod for futuristic town transport.
It's also a skateboarding move. Wouldn't be surprised if it's the name of a Scion toasterboxthingy for precisely those reasons.