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Free lego game!!!


I Bought This Title :o
May 17, 2004
The Netherlands
I remember a thread where some ppl were said to be lego freaks. Well theres a free game of it, you've got a few blocks and your free to do everything.

You can download it from here, only 9 mb, and its free!!! :eek:


Its also multiplayer, so you and your friends can build together :)

Heres what i just made:



So, go, go and build something!

And anyone can host, the lag doesn't really matter that much.

Hav a look at the keys before you start.

All the lego arrangeing is done with the num pad. Enter to set a block. 7 and 9 to turn it, 1, and 3 to move it up and down.
Haha, looks cool.
Yeah! Thanks. Checking that out right now!

Just played a bit on a server. Some of the projects are unbelievable. A few guys built a huge observation tower completely with elevator, platform etc.
^ the people wo made the game or ppl who play it?

Better than people who listen to 50 cent..
But you wouldn't know anything about that would you?
maybe I'm missing something here, but I really don't see the appeal of this game!

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Man, that is sooo my childhood... I used to build Kitt and then the truck for it... Those were the days ;-)

Kip_6666 said:
Do u see the appeal of lego?

I see the appeal of Lego Technio - Lego was just something I did when I was really, REALLY bored. I was more of a meccano fan myself.

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I tried it once, for a while, but I got bored. I never liked Legos that much in the first place, and I can't see how I would like them like this when A) anything you create will be vanished once the server resets, B) anyone joining the forum can break everything you've done and C) there are no cool parts you could use...

I had fun with it for a while, and since it's free it's worth trying. Just too time-consuming for me.