Free photo editing software

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Man, from "Free photo editing software" to "goat-legs"...Are we in the Guinnes Book of Records yet for fastest OT talk? :lol:
^ I know, and I'm a mod too. :lol: I think I may be the first to go when Renesis' Dictatorship come into full swing. :p If I suddenly disappear, you'll know why. :lol:
No Ren wouldn't do that, he's a very nice gentle canadian who deserves all the respect on this board.

Oh shit, did I just say that?
oh did i mention chicks is a term we use for really hot not sure if u guys noe i like to go O/T..hehe sorry..pls dunt ban me frm the forum :(
Please do yourself a favour and learn basic english.

noe = know
u = you
pls = please
dunt = don't
frm = from
^ dunn, ya trippin. wuz up wit da attitude. easy yoself 2 n' accept da way we iz speking today. you just n' frusted ol' man. welcome n' 2005. :mrgreen:
zenon said:
^ I know, and I'm a mod too. :lol: I think I may be the first to go when Renesis' Dictatorship come into full swing. :p If I suddenly disappear, you'll know why. :lol:

Haha, no way, you're one of the best staff members around, and you're a cool guy :thumbsup:
oh sorry i did not realize im not supposed to use short form language on this tat gramatically correct enuf fur u guys ..heheh
Lol yeah the first part...I have not problem with some short words like lol etc..

But something like Jason uses alot : "n e 1" being "anyone" and is a bit too much in my opinion.
wow i thot it just matter if i can get my ideas thru to ppl and just make my thot count...guess ill have to start usin proper sentences in the next last post wit AOL speak :lol:
Well most of the time I don't even read people's AOL talkposts...I don't want to try to figure out what your posts actually says.

Maybe you'll get some more serious replies with normal basic english ;)
ill keep that in mind frm now on...well sorry i have caused any inconvenience
Where is the option on Irfan View that allows me to re-size tons of images with the same resolution to about 50%?
Picasa is good if you just want to make your pictures turn out better. The one click fix button is pretty nice. It also gives you some options to get more creative and it's really easy to use.
god damn that guy says "tat" alot
in case you didnt ever have an education, its speled "that" other news...

I've been using the Paint Shop Pro 3.0 shareware now for nearly 13 years. You will all laugh (I have PS CS2, don't worry) but for uber simple things, it's great. It opens in less than 1.5 seconds. How nice would that be for CS2?

This is how long it's been on this just never stops working after the 30 days. I have had it on my computers since my 50mHz Packard Bell with 1MB video ram, and 4MB system ram. 620MB hard drive, and a 2x speed CD-ROM back in the day.

It's hilarious. They didn't have a website or an email address, and when you buy the program using their order form, they want you to tell them how you want it delievered; not download vs CD or CD vs DVD...oh no...3.5" or 5.25" floppy.

My professional photographer friend has threatened to beat me up on more than one occasion when he sees me booting it up to save a quick screenshot, or quickly rotate a digital camera pic, or trimming Amazon's CD cover images for mp3 IDE tags. (sometimes their images have extra white borders...don't know why.)
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