Free photo editing software

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^^ x2...

And for making panoramas autostich

Just for batch resizing xview

And for organizing your pics with simple things like getting rid of red eyes and having a FREE 1 gig online space with the easiest upload process ever, there can only be PICASA

So, all that stuff is free, and it saves you money... I used to pay for 200 MB of webspace for my partypix, now I have 5 times that and don't have to worry about updating the shit all the time. Its great if you want a pretty standard solution...
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I use Micrografx Picture Publisher 8, which isn't free, but real cheap (and very good). Technically, you could get it for free because it's long been abandonware. other news...

I've been using the Paint Shop Pro 3.0 shareware now for nearly 13 years.

i have paint shop pro 5 on my PC (among others) and i've never been asked to register or buy it. it came installed on a PC 9 years ago, and it's stupidly simple to copy the .exe file from one PC to another without requiring a reinstall :lol:

Picasa is great for touching up photos but i wouldn't use it all the time. CS2 is good when you get used to it :)
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Photoshop is now free. Granted, it's an old version (CS2) but hey, I'm still using the original CS which works just fine. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I haven't tested the links, but it came recommended from another photography forum, so I hope it's OK. :)

EDIT - it's not actually 'free', they're not just policing the use of the license...
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I installed Acrobat Pro 8 and Photoshop Elements 5 on my windows boxes. Installs and launches ok. I've only downloaded the creative suite but haven't gotten around to installing it yet.
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