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Ftp and bandwith


Feb 3, 2006
Lots of cars
i have an ftp setup with topgear season 3,4,5,6,7 and other car vids but i want to know if people download off me and upload to it would that affect my bandwith in anyway ? :?
i have 1500k but i think uploads are 256k but i would like to know when people upload/download off my ftp does it count as uploads cos if it does my isp does not charge for uploads
Can't answer your question but you have the same connection as me (1500/256) and you can't really do much at all with that sort of connection. You could setup the FTP to send stuff to a friend if you want but thats about it..
When people download from you , you are UPLOADING (256k = maximum 32kb/s). So you say your ISP doesn't charge you for that.

If you let people send things to your FTP server, you are DOWNLOADING (1500k = 187kb/s maximum). If you are saying your ISP does charge you for downloading, you shouldn't let people send you stuff.

So an FTP where people can download from you, could do it, but your upload speed is so slow it won't work :). So here is what you can do. You can upload some good files to the existing FTP servers. That way you use your unlimited upload volume and you share.
hmm cos i really want topgear season 1 and 2, and if they were to upload those i wouldent mind if it used up a few gig i have 40 gig a month
But why jensked? Is it meant to be after the questions answered or something?
:lol: LOL I actually already have in his only other thread :lol:
nissan300zx, if you only have 40gb a month, change your ISP coz 40 is nothing if you want to download videos...