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fuck...the screen smashed


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May 26, 2004
hong kong
ah fuck guys, yesterday i bought the ipod care for my cousin and the point was for me to break it so he can get a new one.

but the i smashed it too hard and then screen broke....

does anyone know where i can fix the screen, or can anyone think of someone reasonable to say when i get to the apple care center

I AM A IDIOT! and i think i've lernt my lesson the hard way...breaking someone elses and not mine...
well maybe its finally time for you to pay back the god knows how many new iPods you claimed with ur apple care
What have you done now...

J-> :bangin: <- Apple care

me -> :lol:

Sorry but it's funny.
fuccckkkkkkk i wacked it agasint the cupboard t o fuck up the HD and the screen smashed.

i plan to give him mine and sell the broken one and get a new one for myself
what? how i broke the screen? or how you dont believe people buy broken electronics?


i am lookin for some advice on how to repair this, not how stupid i am, because i already know.

dammit i should have just gave ti to my cousin to damage! ARRRR, lesson is that you should never take responsiblity of ppls stuff!
Or just don't damage it at all, why the fuck do you want a new one if the old one ain't broken?
Stop being a fucking theif.

People that are RICH (i.e. you, as you claim) that steal without working are lowlifes.

Karma's a bitch, and it will come back and bite you in the ass.
i am not a theif, my legitly broke, thats why they replaced it. my cousin asked me to do it for a favor so i did and i broke it...

i learnt my lesson...GREEEEEDDDDD dammit i wish there was a rewind button
///M said:
Stop being a fucking theif.

People that are RICH (i.e. you, as you claim) that steal without working are lowlifes.

Karma's a bitch, and it will come back and bite you in the ass.

i am more like the poor, sealing from apple, the rich

i donno much bout karma but she bit very hard on my wallet this time round
You live in that hype ass apartnment which you claim is expensive, and you're dad drives a Skyline. That's called living comfortably.

You yourself said you returned multiple iPods before. I'm guessing you used similar methods, so yeah, karma's a bitch.
karmas not a bitch i guess, just keeps u in perspective and reminds you luck runs out at some point.

i may live comforably but i dont get alot of money so i aint spoilt.

the battery dies or hd crashes most the time on mine. i dont need to make a excuse in the office and they argee to give me a new one.

this is it is my fault and i guess i have to learn my lesson.
///M said:
Aslong as your previous 8 iPods (cot damn) were accuired legitemetely, I apologise.

yeah i got them back with no questions asked ///M. they are that bad of a product. the battery will die on u in 18 months even if u keep it in mint condition.

my plan is just to tell them what happen and beg them to replace it. i hope i get a nice person to talk to so i can see if they can slip it in and say the battery failed and can give me a new one. ahhh i have like 1 in a million chance of that.

i heard no one gets a new ipod from a broken screen.

unless u guys have heard of someone? (please tell me)

if all fails i'm gonna give my ipod (yes the 8th one, got it last week) to him and i'll just get myself a new color one...WHY KARMA?! WHY MY WALLET?! WHY NOT MY MOBILE?! WHY NOT MY SCEN' CALCULATOR SCREN?! WHY my COUSINS ipod.

uhh, no point in asking god, only have the devil in me to blame.