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Ik ben niet alleen lekker met kaas!
Jul 20, 2005
Kia EV6 "Mullet"
87CAC189-D21A-4823-8FC0-786BE8974E19.jpeg So yeah, this happened. Since most of my commutes are short and fuel is expensive, I thought I’d try this fpr a couple of years. Bonus : it’s a company car so all I’m paying is electricity. I have a charging point at home so I’ll be able to recharge here, and there’s a few at work too so I’m not bothered with finding a public spot, unless I need to go far, which isn’t that often... Ikea, McDonalds and a few other stores offer (sometimes free) charge points, it’ll be interesting to see how this evolves.... embrace the future!

So far, very impressed with economy (300kms on a full battery seems feasable with ‘normal’ driving, and the acceleration is impressive if you stamp on it.

Only done 50kms so far, will get more pics (Proof pic included) and thoughts as I gain more experience.

Am I mad? Will I run out of battery? Will my wife hate me since charging up will take forever and she has zero patience? Subscribe to this thread and find out!
Holly crap an electric car that is not made to look like some sort of a crashed spaceship!
Hope this works out for you.

Question regarding charging costs: How does this compare to having a petrol-powered company car? Because over here, the employer typically pays for fuel, but that's kinda difficult with charging at home and thus through your normal electricity bill.

Must be a huge difference comparing this to the C1. Larger and more powerful and with the quick reacting electric motor.
DanRoM;n3552771 said:
Hope this works out for you.

Question regarding charging costs: How does this compare to having a petrol-powered company car? Because over here, the employer typically pays for fuel, but that's kinda difficult with charging at home and thus through your normal electricity bill.

Good question. As I do not need the car for work at all (it’s merely a perk, and cheaper than giving people a raise), I would have not gotten the fuel card included, had I chosen a petrol car.
As fuel or in this case electricity, is the only cost I have for this car, it’s a no brainer.

I added 87 kms of range for 1,58€ yesterday (= roughly the cost of 1 l of petrol) with my charger yesterday, today I added about the same for a grand total of 0 (yay Ikea and its free chargers)

Saw an identical egolf parked next to me aswell


Edit : why the hell does the built in uploader keep crashing? I have a buttload of pictures but it keeps refusing to post them. Sigh. Photobucket I guess.
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Colleague of yours? Close number plates, same plate frames, identical colour....
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Photobucket I guess.

Google Photos
Literally anything but photobucket
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253 kms probable range according to the guess o meter, which is reasonable since Ive done a lot of 0-100 sprints, because I can ?

About 80 Kms range left but I think I'll charge up anyway, because why not.

Discovered Eco mode is the sweet spot (turns off airconditioning when not to hot and gives you a tiny bit less power than normal). Do not like Eco+ mode, pedal feels dead and no aircon at any time.

120 kph is kinda the limit if you want to be frugal, battery drops rapidly if you go quicker.

Current record : 11,3 kWh/100 km. Which seems fair...
You’ve got the same looking taillights as my GTI. Do you have amber turn signals in the lower white area?
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Dunno about the indicator lights since Im usually on the car when they're active ?.
Triggered the emergency braking system today, which scared the crap out of me. It beeps loudly, then slams on the brakes, engaging ABS (driving across train tracks) and even tightens the seat belts.... Did come to a complete stop well in advance though.

Emergency braking even works in reverse when it thinks you're about to hit something. Neat.

Tried my hand at programming the car, it wants to know when you'll be leaving in the morning and what your preferred interior temperature is, and will charge the car to full and heat it by itself automatically....

Worst case scenario : battery not charged, but empty due to heating. Wait and see
Wife (who actively hates autoboxes) drove it today and didn't instantly hate the car, claiming the massive acceleration surge is fun.
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Worked brilliantly! And still astounded by the cost... This equates to around 8€ per full charge of roughly 250 kms, or 0,032€/km.

Next challenge : go as far as I dare withiut recharging.... i know there's a warning at around 50 kms of range left....
Curse you, VW!!! The upper part is my brake and turn signal. :(

*searches OBD11 forums for a solution.*
Kinda hard to read, but 224,9 kms done, 21 km left on the guess o meter. So 246 realistically.

All sorts of beeps and bongs, but it only really cuts power and air con at 20 kms range....

Moar stats & graphs


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First real challenge today : range left =33 kms.
Distance to work (where I can charge)= 31 kms

I could just charge at home but thats no fun....