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Ownership Verified: Fuel? Where we’re going, we won’t need fuel! ==>NooDle’s eGolf

Also on the outside tbh. In pictures it looks like a regular golf sized hatchback, but it’s actually rather huge…

For reference, it’s LARGER than a Tucson in every dimension…


I really like the Ioniq 5 in pictures. It looks like a thicc MK7 Golf, which I have a soft spot for. :|
Hmmm… seems the AWD EV6 fits the budget if I can live without a few extras.

Thoughts on ditching the heat pump? Yeah I know EV, cold, boo. But I have an EV without a heatpump now and haven’t yet frozen to death. Also if you have heated seats, is it really worth the extra money?

I’ve got the big battery pack and charging at home so I can just precondition, right? Right?

Also : this is Belgium, not Finnistan or Canuckland where it drops to -30….
So what are you effectively trading the heat pump for?
In any case: the heat pump usually is "just" efficiency. So if you can sacrifice that, go ahead. I know I'd love to have it, but I haven't died in the past 2.5 years without one, either. So yeah, you'll definitely be fine without it. On the other hand, I've never felt I needed AWD or the additional power - and I think if I had the choice between "just rwd, but heat pump" and my current car, I'd probably choose the pump. But that's a rather personal choice...
Heh. I just went completely nuts, giving them 2 options which I thought would go WAY over budget. The most sensible of the two (RWD but every possible option) was way under budget, the other one (AWD with a more sensible version with some stuff added on top) came out slightly over.

I don’t need the power or the AWD at all but having 100 extra hp is so much fun…

#firstworldproblems I know
From what I understand, I would actively choose a car without a heat pump. AWD EV6 seems like a great choice if you can get it.
I have decided on model. Now the only remaining decision to make is “all the possible gadgets and toys and 229 hp” or “some toys and a ridiculous 325 hp”
FWIW, I believe the RWD model is more efficient, if it's anything like most other EVs. So if you want to maximize range, the lower-power model is actually advantageous. And all the toys.

But then again, +96 hp is +96 hp :)
But then again, +96 hp is +96 hp :)

This was my thinking too but I may have to change my mind. Despite dropping options the AWD version is still over budget, and dropping more stuff is difficult since Kia don’t do individual options.

I’d have to either lose the heated seats/electric trunk which is not even an option since I’ve already dropped the heatpump. Losing the towbar is also a nono (I need it 3 times a week for bikes for the kids). Only thing left is to drop ALL of the driver aids, and since I’ll be doing a lot more driving than now, I kinda want all that.

So… perhaps be a bit more boring/realistic and get the RWD version with all the toys?
Yeah, do that. AWD and more power is fun for sure, but imho you'll get much more of your money's worth out of the driver aids and other toys you'll get to enjoy on a daily basis. I'm thinking similarly for my next car after the 3P lease runs out - at the moment an SR+ 3 (or just Model 3 as they now call it) is actually my preferred candidate, most of the same car and all the same toys with a bit less power (but still easily enough for daily driving and occasional fun) for _much_ less money.
at the moment an SR+ 3 (or just Model 3 as they now call it) is actually my preferred candidate, most of the same car and all the same toys with a bit less power (but still easily enough for daily driving and occasional fun) for _much_ less money.
That would also currently be my choice.

… so I guess what I’m saying: yeah go with the toys
Golf news! Well kinda. Car is in for its service and is doing weird things which I’ve asked them to check. When you reduce the temperature of the hvac, for some reason I lose 35 kms of range. It doesn’t come back when I turn the heat back up. Even so, less heat means more battery power available so should give me extra range. Very strange, will see what they find, if anything.

And no this isn’t the normal ‘it’s winter range you need to get used to this’ . The car had been driven for 30 kms, was nice and warm and I reduced the heater, range went from 205 to 180 instantly. Weird
That's a very strange issue, seems like something reading the current draw of the HVAC is getting its sums wrong. Interested to see what the find and if they can fix it.
Nothing found, but got the car back with more miles on the GOM. Weird. Will keep a closer eye on range/GOM because I don’t quite believe it right now
TBH sounds like a weird software bug, which is something I would not expect a regular garage be able to do much about or even diagnose (as in: what's the cause) properly :dunno:
Was it a VW dealership/service centre? Any signs that they just did a factory reset? I've never trusted the range numbers and immediately changed my Tesla to SOC %. For the small amount I drove it I preferred to do my man maths using the SOC and average consumption like a fuel tank rather than rely on an ever-changing figure.
Same here. the main display in the tesla always shows "technical range" or whatever it's called anyway - it does not change/adapat at all (meaning: it's not supposed to) according to driving style, weather, temperature or anyhting else. it's just SOC-% * range (EPA? don't know) or whatever - so it's utterly useless anyway. for a proper guess, you'd always have to ask the energy thingamajig, which is also never ever use :|
Yeah official dealer but no real answer to why it happened though…

If review this thread I have complained many times that I simply can’t view soc% in the eGolf, only a guesstimate in kms. I used to be able to cheat with the ID app but that doesn’t work anymore because the subscription is expired or something.

So it’s kms or nothing. Shame really, as the info is there, just not freely available. If I’ve driven like Raikkonen for 50 kms or had the heater on full for a while doesn’t mean I will be doing that until my battery runs out…. So give me the %! I can sort of figure the rest out by myself….