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But the AC does, and my equivalent of -10 and snowing is "35 and 70% humidity". I have to imagine the AC compressor will have an uphill battle with that.

It doesn’t seem to work that way. I’ve had 40 degrees + and no real increase in humidity.

Batteries seem to do best around 25 degrees, and heating the car up from 5 degrees to 25 takes a LOT more energy than cooling it down from 40
Yeah, 15 and change is a far more normal number. Besides, I'd recommend an EV to anybody who does stop-and-go driving in crappy traffic year round. Fossil fuel cars get their worst mileage in those conditions, EVs in turn perform well.
I did it once. It made me severely depressed. :p
I second EV driving in the city, even sitting on the top deck of a bus with noise cancelling headphones on isn't as quiet and serene as crawling along in an EV. I missed it a bit when I drove the Mazda into the city for work for the first time on Tuesday but honestly the amount of stop-go is minimal for me.
What did? Traffic driving or EV driving? And what EV?

Long post.

EV driving in traffic. I was loaned a black gen1 leaf of unspecified battery capacity to run an errand across the city.

I am not quite sure where I read that, as a car enthusiast, you enjoy things in a car that most people don't. I guess that is accurate for me. Even if I am sitting on traffic as I normally am, I still get feedback from the car, it hums (or thumps in the case of my full-size), there's engine vibrations, even the 1st-2nd-neutral (or variations of) gearchange on gridlock is a multi-sensory experience, whether I do it myself or leave the job to a torque converter. There is always the sense that things are happening with the car even when you're not moving.

Basically all of these experiences are denied to me on an EV. It is a completely effortless drivetrain. It makes no noise (at least not at the speeds I would use one). It doesn't emit heat or sound like a vacuum cleaner or indeed do anything. As I was sitting there, surrounded by cars, I was surprisingly, and annoyingly, filled with a sense of ennui. Here I am. Most of my job is sitting in front of a screen. Most of my entertainment is delivered to me as I sit in front of a screen. Now here I am, on one of the few bits of my life not completely co-opted by that paradigm...sitting in front of a screen. With no feedback on anything except the radio and the fan, sitting here, looking at a display, waiting for the percentage indicator to drop.

I kinda found myself having a bit of an overthink, which is never a good thing to do when sitting in traffic. When we are at the point where the EV has indeed completely replaced ICE, what exactly is going to happen to the auto industry? There's no distinguishing engine characteristics. An electric motor is an electric motor is an electric motor. Power figures will be more or less irrelevant as we all sit restless about our energy consumption and how to squeeze more miles out of our range. I saw a future where buying a car on the end of the market I would unless I get extremely lucky was similar to buying a van in Europe. A couple of manufacturers making three or four basic designs and then all other brands taking them and lightly massaging the body and giving them their own twist on the interior. And everyone would be fine with it because all of them would drive and handle more or less the same, their distinguishing features limited to mild performance differences (rather irrelevant in traffic and at "normal speeds") and handling changes imperceptible to all but to the few souls left flogging them. What is, exactly, the point? Oh sure, they could add sounds with them, but those are artificial, a .wav file somewhere in the bowels of whatever file system is managing everything. I would know that, and I expect even the hacked in Jetsons noise would get boring after a while.

I expect this is how watch enthusiasts feel about the Apple watch. The rest of the car was fine, regen braking is kinda odd and This particular leaf was fitted with one of those cabin scents that makes you think the owner is trying to hide a smoking habit. However, in a single journey it made me question exactly what is my future as a "car enthusiast". I expect the more reasonable governments won't outright ban ICE from the roads, especially as the automotive fleet gets refreshed by buyers who don't think the sky is falling because their car doesn't vibrate anymore. The electric motor is absolutely the correct way to power a car. I find the technology fascinating. As mentioned somewhere else on FG I don't think that batteries are the final answer on how to provide energy for those electric motors, but that is more or less incidental to the EV itself. Engineers will figure that bit out.

I just don't find the cars coming out of the other side of that technology interesting. I have to assume even the special ones are just as droll to sit in traffic on. And I am just not sure where that will leave me. Hopefully not in another traffic jam, having a chuckle at me realizing that the only thing missing to get me to consider jumping in front of the fuel tanker coming the other way is R.E.M's Everybody Hurts being played through the stereo, which incidentally benefited greatly from the lack of any other sounds in the cockpit.
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Well I guess that’s a case of the wrong car for you?
I’ve driven many different EVs and they all have distinct handling characteristics and drive *very* differently. Then again, in traffic, are ICE cars THAT different ? The whol ‘no noise, no shifting, effortless acceleration’ thing is what made me like EVs in the first place. That and ALL the Power all the time, even from 1 rpm.

I see things evolving differently. People will still buy ICE cars for as long as they can, and they’ll still drive and restore old ones. But they’ll drive them on fast B roads on weekends, for fun. For weekday commuted they’ll all drive EV to make the experience as painless as possible. Win/Win in my book, no? Less pollution and exhaust fumes, but still visceral and fun car experiences for those who want to
Well I guess that’s a case of the wrong car for you?

Very much so, yes.

It's interesting to note that all you like about the EV in traffic is what made me basically re-examine how I think or will think about cars in the future.

I do have more generalized qualms about the Electric vehicle, mostly infrastructure and charge-time related, as well as matters of longevity (10 year old car? that'll be up to $22,500 for a new battery), but those can be solved. I just wanted to share my actual emotions on a sample of what would be a great part of my EV experience; I'm still sure that the future of the automobile, carbon goals or not, will be the electric motor. And believe you me I am counting the days where all of the diesel-engined light trucks and buses die and take their coal-rolling and clattering with them. I am just not at all excited to own or sit in traffic on any of the cars that will get us all of that in return.

Maybe another EV, in other circumstances (anyone want to loan me one?), but I will be paying loads of attention the moment I run into congestion. That did more to make me reexamine my love of cars than any number of years owning a corolla would.


Yes I realize this is very much a "me" problem. Thanks for making it so nice to share, actually.
Great write-up, tbh. Initially a large part of my own EV resistance was about the lack of engine sound and fizz and all that. I just figured out I don't need soul and passion on my way to work and back as I want that to be as reliable yet cheap to do as possible. And battery replacements are not really an issue with a sub-5-year lease and an eight-year battery warranty :p
So. The eGolf will be gone in a week or so but its replacement won’t be here until october 22 apparently. What’s the netiquette here, do I keep using this thread doe updates until it’s here? It won’t be eGolf related content though.

OTOH I could make a new thread for the new car but won’t have proof of ownership for ages.

What to do, FG hive mind?
One option would be to make a thread for the someone-else's-problem temp replacement, and use that for progress reports on its more permanent replacement.
[noncommital shrug] :p
New thread, we've been posting in 15+ year old threads for other things. :D

They don't cost anything.
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Final longish trip. 3 degrees, rain and only highway dees the effective range drop to 160 kms. I just needed 140 but was surprised at how quickly the kms drop off at 120 kph in this weather. Just a wash to do and I’ll drop the Golf off for someone else to use
Final day of Golf ownership/usership. Got a fine in the mail for speeding. Biggish one too.
67 kph in a 50 zone(I didn’t realise it was a 50)
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Final day of Golf ownership/usership. Got a fine in the mail for speeding. Biggish one too.
67 kph in a 50 zone(I didn’t realise it was a 50)