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  • I would never wear fur, I love animals too much.

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May 29, 2004
Don't know what I should explain about this, I'm sure you've seen some videos about it.

Skinning them alive and dumping them alive...

I suggest you look at this site about Fur-Farms

If you are man enough to wear fur, look at this video

I am as against it as you can be, I'm against everything that has to do with hurting animals...prolly most of you guys are too.
Last year there was a campaign about Canada continuing beating seals to death and I signed up to get as many people donating or registering for the campaign. I was glad so many people signed up or donated.
I think that most of the people who get offended by fur are hypocrites. Animals get transported throughout Europe under the worst conditions on a daily basis, and nobody even thinks about boycotting meat.
Skinning them alive and dumping them alive...
I'm against everything that has to do with hurting animals

i know what you're trying to say, but realy, if that is the reason you are against fur, you must be against keeping dogs as well, cause many people hit their dog

i'm not against fur

but i am against the fact that they kill innocent animals for it, and kill them only for their fur.
if they would breed those animals, and use the meat, the skin, .... i wouldn't have any problem at all
(and have never eaten seal, wonder what it tastes like)
If some major companies started to boycot meat I would have no problem at all...but it's all about the money so this will never happen. Money > Animalrights. :thumbsdown:
On discovery you also see little cute rabbits being shredded by huge lions. Its not bad, it serves a purpose. Fur is more trivial, but also serves a need. Its not totaly ethical. There are okish subsitutes. But there are worse things out there. World hunger, war, unfair trade agreements.

ps, the poll is a bit bias..
Don't agree with Bone: That is just stupid to say that I would have to be against keeping dogs. Of course I am against beating or hurting your pets/animals.

Since fur is taken from animals in an animal-unfriendly way I am against it.
I am against whalehunting, sealbashing, masschicken production (I mean MASS), Foxhunting, bearfights with dogs...etc etc. I think you get my point.

It's the WAY people treat animals to make money. What kind of "person" do you have to be to skin an animal alive to take of it's coat. That's seriously twisted!!
Just out of curiosity. Have you ever considered living vegetarian ?.
I don't care. I think what goes on in the world is just an evolution from when man had to hunt animals for survival. These days we've put it into a system, farming fishes and whatnot it just has to be done to support the ever growing population.
I rather see animal suffer than humans
Jostyrostelli said:
What kind of "person" do you have to be to skin an animal alive to take of it's coat. That's seriously twisted!!

Living in a poor region of (insert 3rd world country) just makeing enough to feed your family?
Yes I have, but I'm not. Although, when I eat meat it's "biologic". That's a direct translation, but means that the animals were treated good. Chicken who walked around, not in a cage.
Jostyrostelli said:
It's the WAY people treat animals to make money. What kind of "person" do you have to be to skin an animal alive to take of it's coat. That's seriously twisted!!

exactly :)
but fur is just another tool nature supplies to us
I agree with you 2 that you should use things nature provides. But we, as humans, can do SO fucking much by now, we don't really need to torture these animals for fur. I mean, it's only for designpurposes, and that really pisses me off.
I can understand that Eskimos will kill a whale or a seal to make a coat, duh, that's just necessary. But fur, come on...we can do everything to make life easier for us humans, but treating animals good is too much. I puke on those people.
Nah, I've voted for it too, but I think that there are more important problems regarding animals atm.

I don't think there should be priorities about human/animal rights.
I think money is thrown away everywhere, that should be used to help poor people or for instance improve animal rights and guard them. It's all about money these days.
I am absolutely against skinning an animal while its alive, but I have no problem with taking meat and fur from an animal after giving it a quick death.
^My point exaclty. I don't mind using animal products, as long as the animal didn't have to suffer only because we care more about money.
Mass production of meat. I believe that we have to rethink the way we see meat. We shouldn't treat and consume it in those masses. It's just not natural that there are people out there who consume meat on a daily basis/mainly, while Vegetables get less popular..