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Future replacement for Top Gear on BBC?


Third Gear would give the Top Gear guys the chance to adopt a new image: greener, more caring, willing to slow down for old ladies crossing the road and perhaps even to stop to help the odd cyclist mend a puncture.
Oh yeah, that's definetly their real side. :roll:
info from the source: http://www.transport2000.org.uk/news/maintainNewsArticles.asp?NewsArticleID=239

one image that says it all:

third gear? yeah no worries. i'll rev my car from 60km/h to 160km/h in third instead of changing into 4th at 100km/h and 5th and 110km/h... gotta be good for fuel consumption and emissions...

way to go transport 2000. :yucky:
we should make a new country called Petrollia, and we will populate it with british people who love cars, americans who wanted to buy a 959 but couldnt, americans who bought a Carrera-GT and like the clutch and dont whine about it being hard to drive. japanise drifters (hopefully they will bring their girlfriends...cuz we may be short on women) canadians, germans, itallians, a few frenchmen, brazillians, sweeds (any one who can come up with something like the CCR is cool) and those funky motorsport loving arabs.
Let's conquer the town inside of the 'Ring and make that Petrollia.
Re: Future replacement for Top Gear on BBC?

One of the Top Gear boys would drive from London to Paris in a Smart Car, while his colleagues try out the Eurostar train and a plane journey. On arrival at the Eiffel Tower, they all fill large balloons with gas to represent the amount of carbon dioxide their journeys have pumped into the atmosphere.

Now how about they compare that to how much CO2 they created just by breathing during their journeys.
Geez who the heck came up with this? And who do they think would watch it? I think anyone who would be interested in this would be too environmentally conscious (tree hugging) to own a TV.
is this a joke? didn' they watch the episode where Jeremy reviews the Toyota Prius?

"0-60 takes 13 and a half seconds, and top speed is just 99. As a result, you couldn't even use it as a milk float, because by the time you get to the end of your round, you'd be delivering cheese." :lol:
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IN THE NAME OF GOD! what possess them!!!! :twisted:
I just like the shot of Clarkson leaning on that Ferrari, "He's going to need some persuading."
Like I said before, I can bet that Clarkson is going to do a show exactly like they said, and make these people look like fools for their recomendations.
I would love to see it happen. It could be the best Top Gear Episode ever. So much to make fun of. :thumbsup: