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Gadget that parks your car for you! *vid*


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Jun 10, 2005
United Kingdom of Denmark
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Sorry to burst your bubble, but Toyota has had something that in their Prius for a while now. Link here.

It is clever, though, considering how much I suck at parallel parking more than I suck at regular parking. :driving:
BMW, Merc and Audi all have this in their future models... They are really good already, but I guess perfection is need, when parking an 50000+ Euro car...
It was featured on a German show (non car) and they had a driving instructor park with a normal X5 and then the fully automatic X5... Automatic parking was WAY faster...
They DID pick a femle driving instructor, though...

I wonder who will pay out the insurance if the thing makes a mistake.
I think, this is the drawback...

They could make it completly automatic, but if the driver fucks up, the company gets sued... Now they plan only to offer the steering help for parking, and the driver has to drive and brake.

What's next? A gearbox that shifts for you?
do people find parallel parking *that* difficult?? and i'm sorry, that was a PULL IN sized spot in that video clip.