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GAH! need board/cpu!


Jul 18, 2005
Los Angeles
Genesis Sedan 3.8
*sigh* once again i've blown my motherboard AND my CPU. so now im looking for a relatively($250-300) cheap motherbard w/ a processor (pref AMD minimum 2.0ghz) anybody have anything to offer? i need to find something fast cuz i have school things to do and im currently working on roommates PC's and at the computer lab :no:

Or maybe a webpage with really good deals.
patrick10 said:

best place ive come across

I love newegg, but do they have mobo combos? However, sometimes it's just as cheap to buy them seperately.
patrick10 said:

best place ive come across

I buy everything from Newegg except for a few various parts. May not be the absolute best prices on the net, but I can reckon this is the most trusted hardware retailer. And shipping always goes fast too.
i second the fast shipping. i've always gotten my stuff at least a day ahead of their scheduled delivery.
Yeah, the shipping rocks, it's usually faster than their initial order processing :lol:
How do you manage to do such a thing? (I still have a working 486, P133, PII 350 and P4 1.8 :p)

Lets say i get a weeee bit overzealous w/ my overclocking :)