Game of Thrones

Never heard from this until Ice starting annoying me with it on IRC and Twitter. Thank god he did. Now this looks like a really good TV Show, watched E01 and am confident this won't be shit.

Well i've seen the first episode "Winter is Coming" and i've definately come away with it knowing that HBO is on to a sure fire winner with this series. Most of all it didn't feel that they had changed the source material that much and what had been changed had been done purely to keep the story moving at a reasonable rate within a hour timeframe. The actors are somewhat well cast and i'm incredibly impressed by the actor playing Tyrion. He played the character exactly as i had pictured him in the books.
Really looking forward to seeing next weeks episode. With this and Doctor Who's return later this week, there finally seems to be something decent on the tv.
Peter Dinklage is a super well respected actor of any size, and probably the greatest little person actor ever. He makes everything he's in that much better, like a pint sized Daniel Day Lewis.
Having not read the books I really didn't see that ending coming.
Looks great though...will be adding this to my RSS.
Yet another person here informed by IceBone (though on MSN) about this show. Decided to give it a try.

Ice told me that there was nothing too bad about it, just a little fantasy violence and nudity. However, the opening scene in the winter forest was extremely gruesome and disturbing. I don't think I'm going to be able to sleep tonight because of it.

All in all, an interesting opener, but I guess Ice and I have different definitions of what "just a little fantasy violence" means, because that was pretty brutal. I did force myself to watch the entire episode, but I'm not sure if I can keep watching if there are more scenes like those.

Also, I see now what you mean by, "He doesn't die!"
Renewed after one episode :lol:
Following strong critical and viewer response to the series? April 17 debut, HBO has renewed GAME OF THRONES for a second season, it was announced today by Michael Lombardo, president, HBO Programming...
not seen the second episode yet. got to read some more of the book to stay ahead. will watch it when i've put a bit of space between me and it.
I just bought the books. All 4 for 17? on Amazon. Good deal, I say.
Now I just need to avoid Ice spoilering future episodes :/