Game of Thrones

That ending was intense...
This is starting to get really intense, now I can't wait for next week's episode. If I had the books, I'd have the first one finished already.
Holy crap.

Also, I want to see the entire Lannister family (maybe with the exception of the father) die slow, horrible deaths in great detail.
I might just end up buying the book today, how long is it though? To be honest I'm not a big reader, but if the book's good enough I'll have trouble putting it down...I think this would be one of them.
Book one is about 900 pages. And there's nothing wrong with Tyrion!
Book one is about 900 pages. And there's nothing wrong with Tyrion!

Even while he's a prisioner he seems civil.
I just don't understand how those other two are so fucking retarded.

Anyway, I mentioned earlier that I was going to comment on how I thought the story was having not read the books.

Don't remember being this excited about a show since the ending eps of Dollhouse and the last few seasons of BSG. And they were hectic because they were cramming story in...this is hectic because it's an epic story.
Just finished the first novel.

Sansa is a naive retard princess.
I've been enjoying the show so far.

I love reading, but I have trouble finding time lately. Luckily I can listen to my ipod all day at work, so I've developed a fondness for audiobooks. Anyway, one of the sites I check for new episodes of tv shows and stuff just uploaded the first 4 audiobooks of this series. Unabridged. I'd rather not post direct links, so if anyone is interested, just send me a PM. They're HTTP downloads, not torrents, m4b format.
HBO's website blows, I've been trying to watch episode 7 for the better part of an hour.
Episode 6 was fantastic.
Tweets say #7 is the best one yet, but I won't be getting the web-rip, waiting for the HDTV one.
That's my problem, by the time the HD rip is out I've already left for work, and then I have to go home start a torrent, wait for it to finish which might be a few hours and then watch it either late at night Monday, or realistically Tuesday night. This series is a dream come true though, the only fantasy book series I started as a kid that I would look forward to more would be a Wheel of Time series. If this does well enough, hopefully that might be taken into consideration by a major channel.
The episode 6 I saw yesterday was epic, the fact that most of the characters have already been introduced is helping the pacing now.

Good god, that Cersei bitch slap was satisfying.