Game of Thrones

How can you tell? Is it the trailer for the next episode?

They said as much in the latest episode, what happende is that the gold was sent ahead under fast escort, and the main, much slower army stayed behind to round up the foodstores and the harvest.

All could think throughout that final scene was "Nice Danger Close mission!".

Indeed, cool ain't it? They are basicly frigging ground attack aircraft, against people with swords and bow and arrow! Unless somebody pulls something really unexpected, everyone else, including the white walkers, is frigging toast.

Not necessarily, even if Bronn missed, it was still in a way effective in forcing Drogon to land so he could no longer swoop in from any direction. Also, with proof that the Scorpions can harm a dragon and not bounce off like the common archer arrows earlier in the fight, Cersei will want to build more of them. And look! All the gold to repay the crown's debts happened to arrive safely in King's Landing, meaning the Iron Bank would be all too willing to immediately lend some back so that she can pay armorers to make her an arsenal of them to attack the dragons from multiple angles next time, making a kill more likely. I guess what remains to be seen is how quickly dragons heal, as if it takes them a while a kill shot won't be necessary to remove them from the fight. Although judging from next episode's trailer it doesn't take Drogon long.

Oh no doubt, but keep in mind she has 3 dragons, they are going to need a LOT of scorpions to target all of them from all angles all at once, and just one doing a single flank attack could turn all of Cerseis little toys to cinders.....I don't thing Daenerys will wait long to attack kings landing, and they will need time to build more Scorpions, then again these are the same writers who pull entire fleets from their there's that.
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Holy. Balls. What an episode
lol, she would have a septum piercing.
I did, bit dissapointed with this episode to be honest, then again after the adrenaline overload that was last episode this would have never lived up.

Seems like they are setting up for the last couple episodes of the season, possibly the final season:
the 'great adventure' behind the wall thing, Cersei no doubt beeing up to something, Sam and his scrolls will probably be on route for 2 years (unlike everyone else he won't have a teleporter) in order to show up just before the final battle against the whitewalkers, etc......episodes like this are needed from a writing point of view, but after the pace we have been grown used to it was kind of a letdown
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I can't believe that Gilly stumbled across evidence that Prince Rhaegar had his marriage to Elia Martell annulled and married Leanna Stark before Jon was born, but Sam didn't pick up on the significance. I guess he doesn't know about Jon's parentage yet, so it wouldn't have jumped out at him. Ultimately though, it actually means that as a legitimate son of Prince Rhaegar, he has a stronger claim to the Iron Throne than his Aunty Daenerys.
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Also, I did watch the ep. And I liked it.

After last week's Stark children reunion, this week was twisting the knife in the wound again. Arya and Sansa didn't like each other during their childhood, and they are still very different now, resulting in the opportunity for Littlefinger to divide them further. I just hope Arya doesn't fall for it, but let's be honest, she probably will. It's just too much her style, and the tragic is also too much her established fate in the series...

Also, Cersei playing Jaime once again. It's a little frustrating how predictable the characters' flaws not only can be, but are exploited by the baddies... (not that Jaime is a hero, I'm not sure anyone is in GoT (although Little Miss Badass Arya is mine, despite her frequent stupidity))

Another thing annoys me greatly: During this season, the "travelling at the speed of plot" trope is really, really obvious.

As for the ending of the ep...
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I liked the episode. The scene with Jon and Drogon was epic...been waiting for that.

Clearly Cersei has someone on the inside feeding her info? No way she knew about the attack on casterly rock, the fleet intercepted by Euron and that Tyrion was going to Kings Landing. So someone is selling Dany out.
Each and every one of you owes me one hundred white walkers scalps!
If you haven't seen the leaked episode yet (07x06), you can get really excited for Sunday/Monday. Quite possibly the best one yet.
Caught up with the rest of (officially released) eps... Well, time passing in this universe makes no fucking sense any more. This seriously makes it hard to suspend disbelief.
And moving beyond the books, where it took a character 970 pages to travel between cities.