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Dec 5, 2004
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So my conputer started this really weird thing,

nearly all of my games from steam library starts and just after any video that starts with the game suddenly freezes and screen goes black apart from the windows popup that is looking a solution.

my pc is:
i5 3570k no overclocks, 
16GB ram, gtx680 (bought june 2013 new), 
samsung 830 ssd 120GB os-drive, 
2TB samsung hd for games, 
logitech 930 cordless headset.

So far i have reinstalled the pc with windows 7, updated motherboard bios to latest one, formatted the gamehd and re-downloaded games i play most.
Nvidia drivers i have updated every time there is new released (clean install).

Prior reinstalling, my pc would randomly have bsod while playing borderlands 2 and the error text swapped between nvidia driver / logitech usb-driver / didn't mention anything.

I have tested furmark burn-in test, left to lunch came back 30mins later no crashes.
I have also tested heaven benchmark and let that bench my pc, no errors.
I have swapped the gpu to gtx460 and the games still crash on first video.
I have tested cpu using prime95, first time had everything open pc rebooted, second time no crashes.

now here is the weird part, ets2 i cannot play with directX, BUT with openGL i can play it.
And that made me look for directx repair utility from ms-site, it told me there was nothing wrong.

Any thoughts what could cause this?

Edit 1. I have done chdsk on the games hd and other hd that used to be games hd but that had some bad sectors.
And chdisk didn't find any errors on current games hd.
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