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gaming humour


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Sep 15, 2004
omg, i like recently like discovered this site, and they have like five episodes of like pro-gaming humour...

you all just gotta like check out the site (and like the episodes)

jasonchiu said:
whats it bout
its bout like n00bs and uber-gamer-humour, like

(when Jeremy is petting a dog) "you know i like dogs, cuz they were in like RA2 and i was like good at micro-ing them"

so its about the life of a gamer, Jeremy, who plays Zero Hour at the moment but sucks at FPS games...
and in episode 4 and 5 there is a friend of Jeremy who shows some FPS skillz (and talks about it ofcourse)
its kinda funny, but i know its a bit too true in ways, which is kinda disturbing. Cause there are ppl out there like that. Specially if your into fps games and clans

(like me, shush, stfu noob, fag, lo)

Ps, hate that lingo.
jasonchiu said:
so its fags that play game 24-7 and live in the game or something?

Yep. It's actually pretty sad. :lmao: