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Jan 9, 2011
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Rugby League. Union. If it's Rugby, it goes in here. :lol:

And here is this video again as a reminder of the awsesome All Blacks.

.. and here is the Crazy Russian's additional stuff:

Thats a totally boss design.

Couldn't see it in this video, but I followed a link to a rending of what the plane looks like in the sky.


That "CRAZY ABOUT RUGBY"... its in Comic Sans MS. Wonder if its like that on the real thing.

EDIT: Just rewatched the unveiling video, and looks like they didn't paint it on at all.


Went over to and found this A320

Its on there, but it doesn't look like its Comic Sans MS.
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Me precious Saints won against the Quins last night. :)

Ben Foden shines for Northampton in trouncing of Harlequins

I didn't actually get to watch the feckin' match seeing as it was on ESPN an' everybody knows about my beef wi' ESPN.

So this is just before the England 6 Nations Squad is selected on Wednesday. Any thoughts from any resident England supporters?
Well, this is quite interesting. Final Gear actually has two people who care enough about rugby to start threads about it, but now that the World Cup is over, we're from opposite hemispheres. Which probably means the following two statements are true:

1) I don't give a toss about the northern hemisphere.
2) Shirahime doesn't give a toss about the southern hemisphere.

Obviously, #2 is the one I can't verify.

I'd join in on this thread, except since I only watch southern hemisphere rugby, there are exactly 0 competitive matches being played in the southern hemisphere until February. Perhaps I'll see you then though. :)
Hmmm I wouldn't say I'm totally nonchalant about southern hemisphere rugby. I kinda try an' keep up with English players if they've gone a-wanderin' but I usually fail miserable so I have no idea what's going on most the time. 'Cept Danny Cipriani, might have a pretty face but by christ he's a shit so he's not on the list. :| But Le Haskell is moving to NZ Highlanders apparently this year, after his little stint at the Ricoh Black Rams.

Ahhh well think about it this way, you got the Southern Hemisphere covered, I got the North. :lol: There's bound to be some folks on 'ere that might err, read stuff here I dunno. :blink:
Stuart Lancaster announced his England 32 man 6 Nations squad earlier. I'll post it up when I get near me computer. I can say though 8 players are from me precious Saints. Chris Robshaw (Quins) an' Owen Farrell (Sarries) are also in there. :)

EDIT: England 6 Nations and England Saxons squads.
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It is eh? An' he was a clever lad too. 24's no age. :(

In fact there was a documentary on t'other night on BBC called the Hidden Side of Sport about depression in sport, especially among those in the top levels. It was Freddie Flintoff who was the presenter an' he talked to loads of pros from different sports. Makes you wonder really. I've read that there maybe some pretty deep rooted psychological reason as to why Selorm committed suicide. It's urged a lot of clubs to put forward to their players that help is there for them. It's pretty sad. Depression can hit anyone no matter how normal, famous or rich you are.
Are you starting a seperate Six Nation's Thread or posting in here?

Cos, the first game starts in two minutes, just sayin'.


Judging by how my Tri Nations thread did, we might as well keep it in here. Since I'm not the northern hemisphere guru here I forgot it was starting today, but discovered England vs. Scotland on my TV. Watched the first half and it's mostly pretty sloppy stuff, epitomized by Scotland trying to set up for a drop goal near the end of the first half and their own forwards getting in the way of the kick that never happened. I'd stick around to watch the rest, but I have a match of my own to go play. Go England!
OK,here it is!

Italy did quite well in the first half, but france were on it today.

Don't think I have ever seen an almost "own try" before, when the clearance kick was charged down and the bounce got touched down by France.

Didn't really watch Scotland vs. England, bits I saw didn't look so good.

Yeah, England vs. Scotland was quite a sloppy rugby match. I'm not exactly crushed that I missed the second half because I had to go play a game of my own. Since this is the general rugby thread and not the Six Nations thread, I can stay on topic by mentioning my own game here as well.

I started at #10 (going to use the number since the hemispheres disagree on what to call it) and played the first 55 minutes. We scored three tries in that time and I managed to convert two of them (the one I missed was a tricky kick out wide so I'm not bothered that I missed it). Left the game with a 19-0 lead and my team added two more tries after I came off to win 29-0.
Well I only watched the England. Vs. Scotland match on Satday 'cause the Darts World Cup were on too. England Vs. Scotland really wasn't that great all of 'em needed to wake up really an' pull their socks up. Kudo's to Stuart Lancaster though for making most of his subs later on int game. An' to Chris Robshaw who was missing half his shirt at one point. :blush::wicked:

Ahhh but that's Dan Parks retired out of International now ain't it? Effective immediately an' all so no more games for Scotland. Going well for Scotland eh, bloody Chris Paterson retired in December just gone. I went to the same school as him.
Isn't it funny that the rugby thread has a VERY high percentage of posts by females in it?

Waking up early (9 a.m. is early by my standards) to watch the Six Nations. England vs. Italy should be an easy win for England but it'll be worth it.
Isn't it funny that the rugby thread has a VERY high percentage of posts by females in it?

i actually discovered this thread for the first time just now, and that is what i thought first :p
gotta go find some stream for the six nations or something, thanks for reminding me :)
Isn't it funny that the rugby thread has a VERY high percentage of posts by females in it?

Waking up early (9 a.m. is early by my standards) to watch the Six Nations. England vs. Italy should be an easy win for England but it'll be worth it.

I dunno about you but the main reason for me at least for the rugby obsession is 'cause it's all about them 30 blokes running around, getting covered in mud basically hammering ten bells out of each other. That an' I'd be happy to be ont bottom of a ruck with a mound of men on top of me. Haha! :mrgreen: Oh an' football bores me to tears. <_< Rugby's much more enthralling. Rugby girlies know what's going down. :lol:

I gotta say the England Vs. Italy match was a bit of an odd one. At least the Pie Eater Owen Farrell got a good run an' Ben Morgan when he was subbed on. He's definitely a player to watch.

Bit pissed off about the France Vs. Ireland game getting called off I was looking forward to the carnage. Though at least the BBC showed some interview footage they had of Rob Kearney. :wub:
Didn't see all of the England v Wales match. However I did see the end. I'm certain those last few minutes are going to be discussed for months.