General Rugby Thread

Meh. England lost, Wales won. An' that try we got WAS A FECKIN' TRY DAMMIT!

ANYROAD! France Vs. Ireland on Sunday which is good seeing as it was cancelled a few weeks back. Should be interesting at least Ireland always put on a good show. An' have Rob Kearney. *New favourite...
The Welsh home crowd singing their national anthem is magnificent.

70,000 people, old men, little kids, the players and everybody really giving it the beans.

It makes the football national anthem at Wembley look really lame. Nobody really sings and most of the player look bored or embarressed.

Wales should win today, according to the experts.

Yeah, so well done you, it was a bit close.

France will probably go and win in Wales next saturday and spoil the party for the Welsh.

And the "wooden spoon"? Hm, probably Scotland.

First trophy of the day:

The Wooden Spoon goes to Scotland. :thumbsup:

Wait, wat?

Well done to Italia for the win. :cool:
England scrum-half Danny Care questioned over alleged assault

I honestly think 2012 is NOT the year for Our Danny. :( I think he's honestly being picked on. It's weird 'cause he's playing excellent rugby right now, but the thing is when shit happens; he does as he's told and he doesn't kick up a stink either he'd rather get it all over an' done with. An now this. It seems to me now that the general public an' the media who are trying to make a quick buck are targeting rugby players. Yeah they're men's men but 99% are not total arseholes.

I'd still be on it though.

Not only that but Northampton's Skipper Dylan Hartley has been banned for 8 weeks after "biting" Stephen Ferris in England's match against Ireland in the 6 Nations. He could've ended up with a longer ban seeing as a while back in 2007 he was done for gouging an' was suspended for 26 weeks. But that was ages ago, the IRB said his ban could've been a damn sight longer 'cause of this but because Hartley has been pretty well behaved *cough* for the past 5 years they reduced his ban.