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Geneva 2005: Citro?n C6


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Mar 17, 2004
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Once again, the French are smoking some good crack. I love it.
Dude, I just had to brush my teeth again! Let me know when you are going to post pics like this...I threw up a little in my mouth.
That's beautiful. Very Citro?nish and some how very nice at the same time. :D
I like it. From that angle at least.
I would never buy this thing for myself, of course, but wouldn't mind seeing it on the streets :)
I love it. I was starting to really dislike Citroen with their C5, C3 and that Pl?riel shait. Also the C1 is utterly pointless. I think that this C6 looks asthonishing though. I really like the C2 and the C4 so for me Citroen is split into two: Very cool, and super-pointless/retarded. Kinda weird really.
this looks quite weird but somehow... I like it... typical french style..... weird but people will buy it :D
I like it as well. Bold styling and I admire that. :thumbsup:
I've always (in most cases) liked Citro?ns styling, no exeption with this one. It's diffrent from everything else, and i think that's what i like about it and Citro?ns over all. :thumbsup:
Eh, not bad...certainly not performance-oriented, though. Look at how long the front overhang is...
Look at how long the front overhang is...

All to do with pedestrian safety these days.
Magnet said:
Look at how long the front overhang is...

All to do with pedestrian safety these days.
It sucks doesnt it..hope this trend doesnt continue :thumbsdown:
I saw this car in a mag at school today and everyone was like :puke: . I genuinly like Citroens styling but not this one :thumbsdown:
The French people design cars that look quite funny but the Design Really grows on you... just like the New clio v6... I thought the old one looked better when it first came out... but now I love it