German Cuisine - Looking for Recipes

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NB Not my cup of tea - but what ever floats your boat.
This has raised my appetite for making some Kartoffelpuffer again. I only miss a nice grinder, so I just ordered this:

That's nearly the same thing I'm using, except much older and it uses a suction cup to stick to the counter instead of a C-clamp.
I had one of the most basic traditional German meals for dinner tonight: Wiener sausages with potato salad:


In many families in Germany this is the traditional Christmas Eve supper. It is served with the egg-mayo version of German potato salad, mind you. I dunno, if it is also served wth the vinegar-bacon version in other regions.

You can either make it complicated and make the potato salad yourself. Then here is a recipe. Of course the self-made potato salad tastes better but it is an effort.

Or you are as lazy as I am and buy it ready-to-eat in a supermarket. I have no idea, if it's availabe outside of Germany but here you can buy it in a home-made style at every butcher shop or meat counter.

The wiener sausages are probably the easiest-to-prepair food at all: Simply put them into hot (but not boiling!) water for about 5 minutes. If you want to make it authentic and if you can get them, use these for example:


Or, if they are available, buy them directly from the butcher shop or the meat counter. They should look like this:

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I found a quality but inexpensive German deli near my house the other day. I bought and cooked up some Weisswurt for the first time. It was delicious!
Did you also have the sweet, dark mustard and pretzels with it? If not, a Bavarian would probably strangle you :p
Going HERE this weekend. Will be getting drunk and full of sausages(not that kind you perverts). The beer list alone warrants a visit.

Here's the menu of my favourite German restaurant in the Harz Mountains (I posted pictures of the wurst platter in the "food" thread before):

Here in town this currently is the No. 1 restaurant for gourmets:
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It haz arrived :)

The case is solid aluminium, the crank is made from a very solid kind of plastic, the drums are made from stainless steel. It comes with a suction cup and a clamp. See cat for size comparison.




Now I feel like grating something...

By the way: My grandma's recipe for Kartoffelpuffer is as follows:

500 g peeled potatoes
2-3 eggs
1 onion
A bit of salt and pepper
0.5 liters of a heat-resistant, flavour-neutral oil (I use sunflower oil)

That is enough for 1-2 persons.

Grate the potatoes and the onion into a pulp, stir it good with the eggs and the spices, then pour it into a pan with very hot oil (just below the point where it starts to smoke) and fry it from both sides. Don't turn the heat down, give'em the beans. When the edge starts to turn brown, it's time to flip it over. Don't make them too big, 10-15 cm in diameter is okay. They shoud be about 0.5 cm thick.

The pulp will turn brown after a while, that's due to a reaction with the oxygen in the air but doesn't have any influence on the flavour at all. Also, depending on what sort of potatoes you used, there will be a puddle of water collecting in the pulp. I use a ladle to remove it from time to time.

Don't be sparing with the oil. The Kartoffelpuffers must be soaked in it. So take care, that the pan always carries it about 0.5 centimeters deep at least. Usually you have to refill after two or three rounds. It's normal, that the first few puffers don't go so well and might fall apart.

Serve them hot with apple puree. The flavour may vary, depending on the kind of potatoes you use. So use a type with a distinct aroma. Don't go for the cheapest stuff.

You can also eat them cold, as a snack or on grey bread. I like them cold as much as hot.
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Herman and Adolf go cooking. ...

"Herman, this recipie calls for a Polish Sausage!"
"Adolf, you are joking, where are we going to get one of those?". ...


"Herman, lets get the tanks rolling."

Now we know how WWII really started. ...
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Going HERE this weekend. Will be getting drunk and full of sausages(not that kind you perverts). The beer list alone warrants a visit.
I was ready to give their "authentic german menue" a good spanking ... but between some burgers and some fish from hawaii ... there is indeed quite a lot of classic german food on it. Sauerbraten (get Red Cabbage and Bread Dumplings with that!!!), Kassler, Stuffed Cabbage Rolls, J?gerschnitzel ... would be my picks ...
Alright, I said I felt like grating, so I quickly prepared a few Kartoffelpuffer according to my grandma's recipe above. The grater works fantastic and is very easy to clean afterwards.

I used 560 g waxy potatoes (weight after peeling), 2 medium-sized eggs, 1 medium-sized onion, salt and pepper.

The resulting pulp looked like this:

Frying the first side. Edges are getting brown, so time to turn over.

Frying second side.

Ze final result:

From the amount of ingredients I mentioned above, you get this much:

All done in about half an hour.
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wasn't it messy grating the eggs? :p
Not if you pickle them first. Although to be honest if I ever hear of anyone commiting such sacrilege to pickled eggs, I'll shove the pickling jar up their.. so anyway, isn't the weather warm for this time of year?
pickles eggs, another thing i've never had...

...and find hard to believe it tastes any good :D