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get this error when i try to dl!!!


Apr 2, 2004
hey guys new here. i got bit torrent and i was tryign to dl this episode January 25th, 2004 but i keep getting the follwoing error.


when i click the dl link from here http://gear.viper007bond.com/downloads.php?display=18
it takes me to here

and then thats when i get the error message.
i had abc first but couldnt seem to get it to work
so then i went with torrnet and yet it didnt work at all. ill have to get the one that bahn mentioned and see how that one does.
haha604 said:
try downloading the torrent to your comp first, and then open it with ABC.

how exactly do i dl it to my pc first? i thought thats what the program was for?
Right-click, save target as...
oh wait i think i got it now, i was right clicking the wrong link. sorry for the ignorance guys. i do appreciate all the help and if i get lost again i will be back. :D