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Get your own DB7.


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Dec 12, 2004
Go to Fifth Gear website and enter the competition.
If you are lucky you win a nice aston Martin DB7.

It's a very difficult question this time.
DOnt you notice...that all there answers are A....

even in the older series....

PS... i wish i could enter :thumbsdown:
its a bit unappealing to me. but i'm just being unrealistic. However, its a V6 and its an auto.
Re: Get your own DB7.

Scud said:
It's a very difficult question this time.
I found it especially hard. :(
Didn't the DB7 come with a supercharged straight six, and not a V-6?
I think I'd want the supercharged 6 over the V12 if I had the choice.....with a manual....and the GT suspension. :D
Vicki made a mistake.
It's a a supercharged inline-6 made by the same folks that did the XJ220 engine.

I'd also take the 6 over the V12. There's something special about an English straight 6.