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Getting a New Car


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Jun 4, 2004
Melbourne, Australia
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I currently own a RX-7 that i use as a weekend car.... I've only had it for 2 months and it has given me so many problems (sp. the spark plugs) that I am going to sell it off... anyone can suggest another car that would make a great weekend car... should be in the same price range as the RX-7... thanks
Um, this won't help much, but my advice would be to not sell the RX-7.

You have a piece of automotive history there, and if it is in decent shape, it would be a definite keeper. They are prone to problems, but believe me, the car is worth it! :D

I'm a bit confused though - is it just the spark plugs you are having problems with? If so, just redo all the plugs and wires. That's even easier than changing your oil. If I had a RX-7, I would absolutely baby it for as long as I could. Keeping one pristine and having it still in good shape 20-30 years from now would be incredible.
in the past 2 months... i've changed two sets of spark plugs for each of the rotors... all the wiring and my mechanic says my Apex seal in my rotor is almost due for a change(an Apex seal cost a bitch)... i bought my 95 RX-7 for about 21K USD... cars are quite expensive here..
nononono Carver!

Well, I think the best cars for you in that price bracket are:

'94-95 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo
'89-99 Nissan Skyline (all similarly priced)
'01-02 Subaru Impreza
'98-00 Subaru Impreza (old shape)
'82-89 Lotus Esprit Turbo (if you fancy something a bit different)

You can probably afford an Evo5 too if you can hold of one. This would be my shortlist of cars anyway. I'd personally go for the R34, but it's all a matter of taste.
Well, I'll continue with the argument that you keep your car by recommending to you what a friend of mine just recently did.

He has a 89' Toyota Supra Turbo that he is doing a lot of work on. Now, he wants to do more work on it - not repair problems so it's not exactly like your situation - but he just parked his car in his garage and is planning on leaving it there for the majority of the year. He went out and bought a super cheap '85 Nissan Micra and is going to be driving that. With his Supra parked in the garage it's not costing him any money other than parking insurance, and he's saving a tonne of money by driving his cheap tiny Micra.

My advice would be to park the RX-7, save up money for repairs, and buy a cheap piece of crap to hold you over in the meantime. :)
Save up for repairs, or buy a RX-8.

If not, then I'll send killer Rotorz at you :twisted:
i don't drive the RX-7 everday... i already have a cheap proton to drive around but i think i would look into something more exotic... like old porsches or something... kinda sick of japanese turbo cars
If you want to get rid of your RX-7 because you don't want to repair the few mechanical problems it has don't buy a Porsche. They are incredibly well designed cars, but they will break just like any other car. If you think the RX-7 is expensive to fix, wait 'till you have a broken down Porsche in your driveway. :p :wink:
andyhui01 said:
i don't drive the RX-7 everday... i already have a cheap proton to drive around but i think i would look into something more exotic... like old porsches or something... kinda sick of japanese turbo cars

Like Zenon said, if you're sick of repairing, why do you want something old, let alone something European? For what you want, you'll be better off sticking with something relatively new. Either that, or roll up your sleeves, open your wallet, and get used to it :p

If you insist on going the Porsche route, get a 944. There's a very nice one that I see sometimes near my work, and you always notice it. I don't know what they run price wise, or how well they are mechanically, but they're beautiful cars if well kept.
Its hard to find a better looking car than the FD Rx7, at any price. Shall you decide to sell it you might want to consider a Toyota Altezza with the high output 2L engine.
He Sir Dude, the 944 a beautiful car? That is one the most ugly porsches in the world, exept for the Cayenne.. :wink:

Here most of those 944s are not well kept and mostly white... :roll: