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Getting videos onto computer


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Jun 20, 2005
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Ive got a miniDV camera, and i want to get high quality vids onto the computer. I can get the stuff onto the computer using that ulead software, and capture the video via USB streaming. My problem is the quality isnt very high, and the pictures are often laggy. I can get the quality up slightly by increasing the bit rate, but by doing this, a 30 minute video will be about 2 gigs!!! :shock: How do u get good quality small videos??, like ive got a 30 min video which is 100mb using a divx codec.
Any tips on the subject would be much appreciated.
the thing with miniDV that video raw from the camera is always fed into editors at a very high bitrate. This makes it much easier to work with in editors like ulead. After youve edited it, then you can re-encode it into something else with higher compression.
Yep, when you get it over, you should choose the highest bitrate availible, cut it and then export it, meaning compress it with mpeg2 (for DVD) or Xvid (for Computer related usage)...
Abolute is right, the miniDV thing is raw video and looks crappy in a lower bitrate...

If you're wanting to do some video editing - you will need a lot of free disk space, that's inevitable. Lucky for you disk space is very cheap at the moment - so go out and buy a new hard drive.