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LMFAO :lmao:

i like parts like "Forgot your password bitch? "
"Search shorty. Sorting is for wankstas.
Use Gizzogle search to find the exact message you want, no matter when it was sent or received. That's P-I-M-P."
or "Get off my nuts about the password. Shit." :mrgreen:

now i only need a wicked batmobile with spinarz and 50inch monitors everywhere hooked up on to da web so i can check my gggmail even when im riding with my biches to da club :lol:
damn dawgs....wats been taking mah niggaz hella long time to come out the fizzle of the chizzle e-mizzles pizzles...G-G-G-G-uNIT!
gonna hook all mah homies up in the hood with one'na deeezzz fo shizzle dizzle. i aint gonna get no spam mail biiaatttchhhh

Does everything turn around the hiphop culture? geeeezz
^Huh, on who did you reply after this reply of your own?

jajaj I cant understandz a single wordz

Not open for further replies.