Giada de Laurentiis

Giada, hey?

Pretty hot, though her forehead is big enough for a medium-size drive-in movie theatre! But yes, I've been a fan of her 'show' for a while.

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I'd like to butter her bread. . .

. . . and munch her muffin. . .

. . . and squeeze her melons. . .

. . . ok I'm done, seriously though I'd pee in her butt.
Damn, I've been thinking about Giada since I saw this thread in the afternoon. What a little package she is.

Some more pictures, because you can't have too much GDL:




I always thought she looked a lot like Natalie Portman, but looking her up again today, I think she reminds me a lot of Hayden Panettiere. Maybe they don't look alike, but their facial expressions are similar .
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goddamit she has a HUGE mouth

Do not want.

This is what you want :

Nigella Lawson tries way too hard to be sexy. That shirt she's wearing is proof enough.

Some say Giada tries too hard to be sexy, wearing low cuts tops and whatnot, but Nigella's sedated way of speaking annoys me.

The worst though, is Rachael Ray. I cannot stand that woman. "EVOO! YUM-O!" Oh, and her FHM spread is damn near gross.
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goddamit she has a HUGE mouth

Do not want.
L-i-a-r. If Giada gave you that "fuck me" look and started rubbing her ass against your junk, I guaran-damn-tee you will want.