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GigaPixel Photo's

Wow! The camera doesn't exactly seem "portable" though. :lol:
What's the point in having a gigapixel camera when you drop out 99% of those pixels when you post it on the net as a JPEG image? :think:
I recently saw a pic in a magazine that had 2,5 Gigapixels... 2,5 billion, just imagine... They had a different approach, a couple of cams and a comp set it together...

wow... these images are pretty nice... back on Dieselstation... didn't someone post a 20gigapixel picture?
seen it before, it's amazing, but we have a section for that...

moving to photography
Wow! That really is amazing :shock: The details you get when zooming in :shock:
Just imagine! you could see your neighbours humpin 3 miles away :lol:
p0w3r said:
Cosworth said:

you can even see the license plate of the cars!!!

OK, now look at this pic:


it just show that this huge pic was put together from a lot of smaller ones.
^ Yup. We did a photo like that to. Maximum optical zoom, about 20 pictures and "Visual Sticher" :lol: