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Good News Eastleigh FC said I can go down for trials


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Dec 19, 2004
On July 3rd 2005 at 10:00am wish me luck and then see what happens after that.

Also Eastleigh FC are in Conference South now gulp.
I am no Football hooligan I have never been in trouble with the police.
I don't know what you're talking about.. what's that Eastleigh FC thing?
Thanxs buds for the ones that gave me nice replies.

If I pass I will never forgett you lot.
TVR_Fan said:
Thanxs buds for the ones that gave me nice replies.

If I pass I will never forgett you lot.

Just relax and stay calm... ;)
Is what you're going for like Pro? If it is that's effing awesome :w00t:
Even if it isn't I'm sure it's something you enjoy doing, so lots of luck! :thumbsup:
What position do you play? If eastleigh gets into the EPL in 4 years I'd like to say congrats and good luck!
jasonchiu said:
o good luck u football hooligan

english people aren't that big hooligans, there aren't even fences around the football fields in england.
The bigger clubs have their problems, which is why I prefer rugby. Football is a gentlemens sport played by thugs whilst rugby is a thugs sport played by gentlemen :D.
Good luck mate...hope you make it and then get into a better club....maybe one day end up playing for englend..

Autograph please :thumbsup:
Thanxs for the luck people I hope I pass it and I do not let you lot down.

If I pass I would never forgett you nice lot, and also I would try and come on here from time to time thats if I pass.
sorry, i kept thinking you guys were talking about american football..lol i kept getting confused about what u guys were talking about (i actually don't like american football)
Soccer (Football)

We call American football = Rugby
We Call Soccer over here = Football