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Good PC or PS2 Steering Wheel..

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Dec 11, 2003
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All this talk about Sim games is making me start to itch again for the need for speed..
So i am looking at getting a racing sim (for PS2 or Pc, does not matter)
but what i am looking at is a proper steering wheel that is decent, good but not a crazy amount of money. I mean i have seen some for $1,000+ and thats just a tad bit too much for me for something that wont get me hurt =P
So i am looking some input, esp from guys who actually own them or have at lest used the steering wheel they like. Again, both PS2 and PC as i dont know which system i would want to use. PC is where i am leaning at, but the fact of GT4 and the big screen is also nice for PS2.
there's a steering wheel for PC as well al PS2, don't know what it's called/brand, but i heard it's pretty good
I've had a Logitech MOMO Racing Force for a while and I can recommend it. The force feedback effects are pretty good and the wheel has a good feel to it. It has both shift paddles and a gear stick. I usually opt for using paddles for gear changes and the gearstick as a handbrake :mrgreen:

What I've heard the old MOMO racing wheel(the red one) would be the one to go for if you find it, but they stopped making it a while back so...
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