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Good Publishing/Layout Software?


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Feb 8, 2005
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My wife was asking me to find her some good software for making posters, flyers, etc.

As a web designer, printing stuff isn't my specialty. She's tried Adobe Pagemaker and thought it was too complicated. Is there something not quite as intricate (and expensive), yet still powerful and effective?

She likes to be able to add effects to text, to be able to drage obejcts, etc.

How is Microsoft Publisher 2003? Any other suggestions?
Yes, I would recommend Publisher. It's really easy to use, but still gives you a lot of options to work around with. Besides, most people either already have it installed or have it on an Office CD.

There's QuarkXPress which I've never used, but considering that it's the common choice for professionals, it's probably unnecessarily complicated for you guys.
Publisher is an excellent choice. It can do pretty much everything Quark does, just not on a professional level. I've made several advertisements and business card layouts in Publisher and it's rather intuitive, I think.
Thanks guys, I think I'll have her give Publisher a try ;) Any other suggestions are welcome as well